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Life Line is Broken and Markings on the Line – Palmistry

life line is broken, break in life line,

The Life line broken around the thumb.

The first line a person typically looks at on the palm is the life line. This line is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount of Venus, reaching somewhere near the wrist. When the life line is broken, people tend to worry about it.

Examining this line is essential in obtaining confirmation and timing of events because through the markings along the line, there is a capacity for seeing considerable changes. The line can grow, alter, shift or even fade as circumstances transform over time.

To judge how a person manages their world; we observe the quality of the line. Ideally, it is without deviations or markings. In the present day, however, that is not likely to occur due to busy and demanding lives.


When a life line is broken, it is when a section of the line is missing before the line continues. A clean break may be showing that change is necessary; whether the change is due to relocation, illness, accident or other experience, it serves as a cautionary to take more care during that time.

The reason why a break in a line depicts change is that the proper flow of the energy is interrupted, leaving a space which may necessitate a decision for transformation or a breather in life. If the line continues after the break, it shows the continuation of the usual flow.

If there is not a clear remaining of the line after the break, look for a bridge line (often very faint) that connects to the fate line. In many cases, the fate line acts as a life line to support a change in a new direction. (If you have a missing fate line, see article here.)

Also, see if there are sister lines on one or both sides of the line; these lines give support to an otherwise uncertain period. A line on the inside of the life line would show family support and on the outside from a non-related source. If the break happens to overlap another part of the line, it often indicates a planned change.

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When the life line is broken and/ or other markings on the major lines; study all other marks in the hands to compare the major lines at the same point in time. Also, check the appearance of the line which immediately follows the mark. If the line is clear, then the problem is temporary. If, however, the other lines show similar indications, taking preventative action should see these marks disappear when situations improve.

Almost all horizontal markings on the life line, such as crossbars, stars, and slashes, are negative interference or obstacles of some kind. A hand that has many of these lines belong to those with nervous energy. They are sensitive to everything around them, they worry a lot and possibly tend to look for problems where there may not be any. (If you are one of these sensitive types, it is important to stay or get grounded, see here for article

A hand with very few lines and markings belong to those who rarely fuss and are not generally emotional. A broad and unblemished line describes an unobstructed life path. It is someone who rarely diverts from or allows anything or anyone to change them or to distract their journey.

So, the markings, no matter what they look like, indicate interruptions to the life. Starting a new kind of life at any age can interrupt career, hobbies, friends, family and even the general outlook on life. These changes, in turn, can make its mark on the palm of your hand, especially on the life line.

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