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The Main Lines in Palmistry Can Change

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Main Lines in Palmistry (Also called major lines)

If you are interested in palmistry, you might already know that some lines on the palm stand out more than the others. These are called the major lines: heart line, a head line, and the life line, so I have chosen only these three to be classified as the main lines. Some palmists like to refer to the Saturn line and Apollo lines as the main lines in palmistry. However, I do not see these on every hand, or they are only partially visible, so I regard them as minor lines.

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normal heart line, major lines on the palm

There is a vast difference in the way lines form on individuals’ palms, and it is the uniqueness of these lines that makes this topic so interesting. Some personalities will have a palm covered in many lines, and others will only exhibit the major lines.

The three main lines in palmistry are what people tend to look at first when examining the palms. They are usually the longest and deepest. These lines can and do change over time, which is why prediction through palmistry is not reliable. What is evident in your hands now, does not imply a predetermined outcome of the future. It shows a possibility based on past events.

How do the palm lines form?

The hands form palm creases in humans around the 12th week of gestation. The lines are already present on a baby’s hand when he or she is born. These creases form through the clenching of the hand to make the hand more flexible. However, why then are the lines so different between each person? The answer is that the hands connect to and reflect the mind (the brain), and the more active the mind is, the more lines there will be on the palm.

Secondly, the skin texture and the development of the muscles can help determine how many lines will form. Therefore, heavy work (such as labourers) will have fewer lines due to firmer skin. Delicate skin generally has many lines, and it tells about their character being more refined and sensitive. It is also possible for the skin texture to change. I have seen examples of this when a person takes on a career that uses the hands more. The toughening of the skin can have the more delicate lines disappear. It can also work the opposite way; if the skin becomes softer, more lines can form.

The Reason Why Main Lines in Your Palm Can Change Over Time


The reason the main lines can change is that our thoughts and desires can change. New lines can be formed, and old ones can fade. A line can get longer or gradually ‘rub’ out.

The lines which are most likely to change are the minor lines. When these lines appear fuzzy, it can be the start of new lines forming. But, the same can happen to the main lines as well. For instance, someone who is still young might have a short life line, but as they mature and make life decisions, the line can grow.

Example of a changing life line on the palm

I remember looking at a young mans’ palm a few years ago, and he had the shortest and weakest life line that I’ve ever seen. At age sixteen, it was almost non-existent. However, he had a solid Simian line. After getting to know him, I realised that his life line was so weak because of his lifestyle so far. He didn’t have any specific life goals and still lived with his parents. They did everything for him, and life was effortless.

After a few years, I saw him again, and the line had grown and become more profound. He was finally taking steps towards independence and making goals. So, don’t assume that means a short life when you see a short or weak life line. It might represent an easy and carefree life. The short line can also show a lack of tradition and not settling and deciding on their life path.

Changing head or heart lines

Another example of a changing major line comes from a woman who had a broken heart line. Over the years, some fine branching lines started to form where the break was. I call these lines mending lines, and they slowly grew more prominent, making the heart line appear different and not so broken.

Marks on the palm lines

The main lines can change due to marks that appear. These marks are usually multiple slash lines, crosses, stars or islands. Any one of these might slowly change the line’s look and possibly change the line’s direction or form a break. Remember that the lines follow the train of thought, so if a person changes their mind about something significant, the lines can do too.

split in line

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