Simian Personality Quotes from Destiny Palmistry

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Quotes from People with a Simian Line

I’m very curious about the Simian personality. I recently asked individuals with Simian lines to tell me something about their character, for example, their strengths and weaknesses. The comments below are an extract from Destiny Palmistry All the Lines.

Please note that other factors would contribute to these traits, such as hand shape, skin texture etc. The line by itself does not give one meaning. I have listed each separate quote from a different person. More info about this line here.

The simian personality when the line was on the left hand only:

simian personality, double simian, simian on left hand, meaning of one line on palm, passionate personality

“I have a Simian line on my left hand, and I have a tough time making and keeping friends. I am often misunderstood and assumed to be something I am not.”

“Everything I look at is done so with a mix of emotion and logic. If I cannot make logical sense of it, I get infuriated and emotional and lash out without thinking. If I can make logical sense of an idea, political or religious matter, I get emotionally attached and become a little overzealous. I also have a hard time treating something as a strictly business or purely pleasure.”

“I am very loving and always searching for experience and wisdom.”

“I feel different compared to others.”

“My strengths are that I am open-minded, optimistic and nurturing. My weaknesses are procrastination; I am a loner, deadlines and rules drive me crazy.”

“My biggest, strength and weakness are both idealistic. I expect so much from the world, and when things do not work like expected, or when something logically should be one way and is another, this can cause me to get quite down on myself. I have a tough time figuring out how to express myself with all my crazy emotions. People would say I am extremely different from most people. I dress differently, act differently, and deal with emotions differently.”

“My strengths are my ability to focus and quick understanding of subjects. My weakness is that I easily trust people, sensitive and make emotional decisions.”

Simian personality when on right hand only:

right-hand simian, career guidance reading

“I am a fast thinker, successful in life (CEO and a musician), sensitive, emotional thinker.”

“I am short-tempered. I despise stupid and unreasonable people. If I consider myself a friend to someone, I go a long way to defend him/her, but I feel like killing my enemies. I am dedicated to my sexual partner, but not loyal to one, no matter how much I love her. Also an excellent father. I hate unnecessary social courtesy, and I express my feelings on the face of the people.”

Simian line tends to show a sensitive nature?

“Professionally, I am diplomatic, and people seem to enjoy my company but handle me with extreme care as they fear my sensitivity. I am always struggling inside my mind to control my emotions. My judgement is sound, and people respect my decisions, although at the beginning many of them stand against my thought. I like people but after a while, I “tolerate” them. Also, I enjoy loneliness and never miss anyone very much.”

“I like to think about everything in detail, such as when commenting or filling out forms, because I want everything perfect. My weakness is that I am too lazy to do anything that I am not interested in.”

“I am good at problem-solving, going in-depth for a solution. I find it very hard to talk to new people. My friends and people I know say that I have an attitude that may be due to the success of my academics and work. However, I am aware that it is not, I talk to people whom I feel worthy, or else I stay away.”

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“I’m a susceptible, talkative, calm, and funny person.”

“I cannot trust others with jobs; if I can do it myself, I will do it without asking for help. I am good at math and considered smart during my school days, but after graduating from high school, suddenly I do not know what to do with my life. I only have few friends, and none of them is super close to me. My strengths: I do not easily give up, and I am always curious. My weakness: I am stubborn, and don’t like to take advice. I am not confident and quite indecisive.”

“I am reasonably sensitive and shy, especially when young. I can read people well so don’t tolerate fools. I am intuitive. If I start something, I will finish it. I like to keep my mind active but can be lazy physically. I am loyal and a good friend and mother. Can have a hot temper, especially if stressed.”

“I like to take everything easy. I get bored easily, especially with people. I get bored easily at work I change my job frequently. I do not like authority.”

“My strength is that I quickly make friendships. My weakness is that other people easily influence me.”

“I am overly emotional for a man, and I hate it.”

Simian Personality when in both hands with Simian lines:

Double Simian lines on the palms

“I have struggled all my life with decision making. I put things off, and if others make the decision, I am often silently upset. This indecisive nature included my love life. I am bisexual, and I was open about it before my marriage. Now I am married to a beautiful woman. I want it all but have a difficult time deciding what I want.”

“I have a very sarcastic sense of humour; I like to laugh. I would consider myself almost a kid: I work with children, so I have fun at work all day. I am also a huge homebody, my couch, a blanket and a good movie is my favourite thing in the world. I have an enormous sweet tooth and love to bake. My star sign might influence that side of me. I am very dramatic; I also have weird obsessive and compulsive moments. Like if I sit a coaster on a table, it has to match the edge of the table.”

“In the Philippines, the old people told that individuals with this sort of line could not control emotions. In my experience, it is true.”

“I have it in my both hands. When I was a child, I remember being so playful and never knew the word tired. I was always full of energy, always happy and never think about problems, whenever a question arose, I would always smile. As I reached adulthood, and problems began to appear, it was the start that felt as if everything had fallen apart. Now I think if having a Simian personality is a curse or a blessing?”

“I tend to be a slow learner in some things, which is why I cannot seem to hold down a steady job. I am working on it though, trying hard to find a career that suits my personality. I am good with people, but sometimes I get in trouble for voicing my opinion when I think I am right. If I see an easy way to do something, I do it, even if it goes against the rules or upsets someone. I do not like to hurt people, and I regard myself a kind human being.”

“My emotions are always out of whack, I love hard and hate even more. No one in my family has the Simian line, and I have always been the crazy one, the funny one, and the mean one.”

Simian Personality Can Show a Passionate Nature

“At school, I struggled a lot with concentrating and study. I was given a chance to drop out and make a trade, which I accepted. It took me many years to master the trade, but I still make mistakes. I make up my mind very quickly without thought or overthinking which gets annoying. I get bored easily if it is not something I choose to do.”

“Maybe a lot of double Simians have had an abnormal number of traumatic or dramatic experiences in their life, over which they had no control.”

Simians in Relationships?

“In relationships, love and emotional matters, I am an utter failure. I do not know if it is a Simian thing or not, but I do not feel anything. However, I have empathy towards animals and cry over sad movies. On the rare occasion that I do feel, I am entirely flooded with emotion. Moreover, it is so foreign to me that I do not know how to handle it.

“I avoid relationships at all costs. Until there’s one that I just can’t avoid. However, eventually, I end up wrecking the relationship, I do not know why or know how to feel and deal with it appropriately.”

“I am single and would rather end up alone before compromising my morals for anyone. I hold people to an extremely high standard, and not afraid to be alone.”

“My love life, career, and many other things have always been odd. I always felt that I am living way ahead of my time than others, spiritually speaking. Moreover, while living in the present, I do not get much excited about life now.”

“I quickly fall in love, especially when a person shows care towards me. I am from the Philippines. My siblings and I have Simian lines and are all hardworking, but we cannot control our anger once we get mad. I care about my siblings a lot and look after them however I can, even financially.”

“When I was young, I did not like to obey rules; I think that I am always right. unless someone told me and made me realise that my thinking is wrong.”

“All my life I have considered myself quite stable emotionally, perhaps even on the deep emotion (expressively) side. I have always been a deep thinker, and my inner emotions are much more pronounced than what I express outwardly.”

“I do not like drama and can always see both sides of any situation. I am probably most burdened by a strong sense of empathy towards my fellow human beings because I am aware of others’ feelings or attitudes around me. I have thought my Simian meant I had a balance between heart and head, whereas I read it might mean cannot separate emotions from logic.”

A Double Simian is likely more intense than someone with only one Simian line.

“I do not know if this Simian personality has anything to do with my lines, but apparently, I am very intense, and my world is black and white – it is either a yes or a no. There is no in-between, and I cannot seem to grasp that there is a middle ground or grey area.”

“I cannot control myself sometimes (particularly anger). Also, superb with my hands, crafts and the like. I also have a twisted sense of humour, and I enjoy it and usually think I am right; no one can ever convince me he or she knows better than me if I know what I am right. Also, I love a good argument, and I can hold a grudge for a long time.”

“It’s hard to make decisions, have a sarcastic sense of humour and can hold a grudge! I get angry easily.”

“Often, I can watch sport all day long, all week long actually. I look at a variety of sports simultaneously on my phone and television, at the same time listen to music through headphones. Some people think that is weird. My negative trait is that I make impulsive decisions and often regret them afterwards.”

“I am driven, intelligent and secure in who I am, although I am reluctant to stand out around people. I am loyal, perceptive, strong-willed and intense to a fault in relationships; It is almost a curse sometimes. Things are black or white, nothing in between. I am funny, especially when someone needs to break the darkness. That is probably my greatest asset in life.”

“I am dedicated to good leadership skills, but overconfidence is my weakness.”

“A particular strength would have to be staying calm and friendly when others would revert to being mean or create an outburst. Also, I am uncertain if this next quality of mine is a strength or weakness, but I have a strong tendency to want to please people even after I have felt they have done me wrong in some way.”

“I am extremely analytical and play a sort of detective role in life, such as figuring out why something is the way it is. I have a big love capacity and feel we are all connected.”

“I am kind, but a struggling know-it-all. I am sarcastic about practically everything, including myself. Liberal, if that means accepting people for who they are. Weak when it comes to shopping and buying but am working on it.”

“I am unmotivated, but a multi-tasker, good at solving problems, calm temperament, empathetic, and I like to help others.”

“I am a smart and hard worker; with an IQ of 136. I am good with leadership. Full of love and honour. I am an animal lover; with good health and body. I have more endurance to disease compared to average people. I am a good father and husband.”

“My weaknesses: not useful in managing money, too sympathetic. I choose peace rather than fighting. However, when I run out of patience and decide to fight, I will fight like hell.”

“I am a very emotional person. Everything that comes into my life affects me more emotionally than others, and I am easily confused between logic and emotional things.”

“My strengths are being determined and knowledgeable. I am always looking for answers, and my weaknesses are that I am very emotional and frank to other people.”

“Strengths: I know how to teach other people from basic to advance in any field I have the expertise. I can analyse situations and scenarios. When I search for something, I have the willpower to seek it from many sources and dedicate hours upon hours to figure out what is missing until I get the satisfaction with my results.”

“Simian Personality can be either very emotional or not at all.”

“I am an INTJ on the MYER BRIGGS personality test. Fool me once after that you have no chance of fooling me twice. Weaknesses: I am self-conscious, my body language, how my voice sounds, how am I looking, etc. I have difficulty having trust in people. So even though I know must win people I cannot believe any of them, even my parents.”

“I only trust myself, sad story. When difficulty arises, and life sticks me near a corner, I think about suicide. I have a dream just to be an average man, just like my friends.  My ego gives me inside power over other people because I think people near me are dumber than me.”

“I do too much of thinking, very excited about something that I am interested in. Also, I’m a bit geeky.”

“I learn by observation faster than reading. I usually feel and think about something different from others. I believe God blesses me.”

“I am straightforward, don’t like lying, helpful to others, appear to be weak on the outside but strong on the inside. If I like someone, I will die for them. I like children very much; I like to teach my knowledge to others.”

“I’m straightforward. I can’t stand people who lie and cheat. I cannot do something against my heart. This is my strength and weakness”.

“My strength is imagination. My weakness is I get puzzled when making decisions.”

“I cry easily, and I get mad fast. I have normal intelligence if that’s a simian personality?”

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