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Triangle Meaning on the Palm Lines

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Triangle Meaning on the Palms

The triangle meaning on the palm lines depends on where it is. The triangle is one of the marks that require careful analysis because the mark is so small that it goes unnoticed. You might see lines crossing on the palm, and they appear to form shapes like squares and triangles. However, these lines do not have any meaning other than the lines that happen to pass each other. The shapes are merely a coincidence.

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The triangle on a line is formed by two small branch lines, one rising and another falling until the ends meet. One branch will face forward, and another will lean backwards in the heart or head line. These two branches can form a triangle.

The triangle on the mount

A triangle found on its own, on a mount, not formed by other lines, generally is said to give ‘karmic’ support. It provides a boost of power or talent to a specific area, a welcome sign. Keep in mind that the skin ridge patterns that form the triradii are NOT the same triangle as on a mount or line. (Per image below)

triradii on the palm
Skin ridge triradii, not the same as triangles formed by lines

On the Mount of Mercury under the little finger, a triangle mark shows an ability for business or literature. On the Apollo mount, it depicts a craftsman and someone who can manage their wealth wisely. The mount of Saturn under the middle finger, a triangle represents an aptitude for research and analysis.

The triangle on the mount of Jupiter shows political wisdom or unique talent in the art of diplomacy. On the mount of Venus (ball of thumb), the meaning is a little strange, which is a skill in manipulating a marriage partner to gain financially or materially from the union. (By the way, these are traditional meanings, not ones based on my research).

Triangle meaning on the lines

  • If on the life line, the triangle boosts any area of life. When other positive indicators are present, it can point to a time of financial gain, like a sudden windfall. If the triangle is on the inside of the life line, the windfall might come from the family. If the mark is on the outside of the line, it is from an outside source.
  • Sitting on the top of the head line, it strengthens the mindset according to the vicinity of a specific mount. For example, if under the index finger, the ambitions are highlighted.
  • On the heart line, it can show a time when the intellect is used to resolve an emotional issue or a favourable time for relationships.
triangle mark on the heart line

The triangle on one of the minor lines

  • A triangle on the success line (line of Apollo) can predict a boost in status or reputation.
  • On the fate line (line of Saturn), the triangle points to an increase in finances or material gain.
  • The mercury line or health line, the triangle shows a period of good health or getting over an illness.
  • On the family ring, (crease at the base of the thumb), it is a mark of inheritance.
triangle meaning, triangle on a line, triangle in palmistry

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