Earth Hand Personality in Palmistry

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Earth Hand Personality in Palmistry

Palmistry, hand analysis, uses many terms from astrology and the planets, including one God, Apollo. One example is the simple learning system about the hand shape through the four astrology categories: earth, fire, water, and air. This article will explain the personality type from the earth type hand.

The earth hand is also referred to as the practical hand. The palm has a square look to it with average to short fingers. The fingers are usually stiff and thick with rounded tips.

The earth shaped hand can be plump or it can be slim. Each has a slightly different meaning. The heavy or thick hand shows less patience than a slim one, but it depicts pride. A large, thick and full hand (with hard flesh or skin) belongs to the typical farmer, fisherman and truck driver. If plump and soft, it will be on someone who likes the comforts of indoors. There are typically only a few lines and rarely any minor lines.

The compact hand is more energetic and practical, belonging to the creative and business-minded folk. (Depending also on the skin texture). See below for information about skin textures.

earth hand shape
A large earth hand
earth hand shape
The Average Earth Hand

An earth hand, in general, depicts common sense; they are very level-headed individuals. If you need a good organiser who gets things done, look no further than someone with an earth shaped hand. They are capable, reliable, helpful, honest and not afraid of hard work. Mostly realistic and practical, yet they can be very creative; often good with their hands.

The emotional side

Emotionally they are loyal and relatively straightforward but do not habitually reveal their feelings. On a mental level, someone with this square palm is stable and sensible, so usually, what you see is what you get. Whether full or regular, the earth-shaped hand shows someone who loves tradition, especially if with good Saturn aspects. They also have an affinity for animals and nature, hence frequently enjoy spending time outdoors.

These people should avoid stress and nervous tension produced by inconsistent routines. Weight gain and self-indulgent behaviour can be a problem, so exercise and fresh air are essential. The earth handshape in palmistry; suggests someone down to earth. Many people consider having a down-to-earth personality one of a person’s best qualities. Down to earth is being open, honest and practical. It is easy to do business and interact with someone down to earth. They assume other people as equals. This person is not usually egotistical or self-centred.

Skin texture

When reading hands, it is necessary to take in as many factors as possible to fully understand the make-up of the individual. Taking note of the skin texture and consistency of the flesh should be one of the first to receive your attention.

These factors can alter or add to the meaning of some natural traits; the delicate skin lessens the qualities giving some refined, or sensitive characteristics.

Coarse skin shows the opposite, a lack of refinement. The thicker the surface, the better it functions to protect the body from toxins. Therefore, thick-skinned people do not get sick nearly as often as thin-skinned folk. Although when they do, it comes suddenly, usually without warning.

Much of my hand reading is through photos and believe it or not, it is possible to see the person’s skin type from an image. If you can see the skin ridges and there are only a few lines on the palm, it will be coarse skin. The fingerprints almost disappear on soft skin, and they will have many fine lines all over the palm. Even the colour of the surface gives clues to the texture. If the skin appears transparent, it is the thin or delicate type.

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