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Curved Index Finger Meaning in Palmistry

curved index finger, bent jupiter, bent finger meaning

Curved Index Finger Meaning

The index finger, or in palmistry terms, the Jupiter finger, tells a lot about the personality. A crooked or curved index finger shows a steady amount of variance to the qualities that the digit represents, which is self-image, ego, leadership, and self-reflection.

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Even the slightest curve can make a difference. If you are not sure if the finger has a bend in it, look also from the back of the hand. Sometimes it is easier to see a bend in a finger from the back because there aren’t padded areas to disrupt the view.

If you think about the qualities at their best, the index finger should be neither too bent, big nor too small. The bend in the finger will alter the traits, such as leadership qualities to a lesser degree. The larger the finger, the bigger the ego or self-esteem. The bent index finger will also lessen the confidence that usually comes with a straight finger.

curved jupiter finger

If the finger leans but is not crooked

Sometimes the finger is naturally held in a way that it leans towards or away from another finger (but is straight); it describes what is current now rather than a personality trait. For example, a person might be going through a period of temporary insecurity, shown by the leaning finger. The curved index finger might have been bent since birth.

This leaning of the finger shows that it is giving up some of its strength to the other. When the entire length displays a curve, it gains strength from the other finger. The finger that has another leaning or bent towards it depicts the most significant attributes. For example, with the index (Jupiter) curving to the middle (Saturn), it tells us that Saturn is a reliable quality in the subject. Unless that finger is also bent.

Index finger curved towards the middle finger

An index finger that bends towards the middle finger belongs to a person who may have been a shy child, not coping with communication or independence. They may have had to depend on others for a long period, especially family. It is possible that this trait follows them throughout their whole life.

It can also denote some form of insecurity, possibly due to a history of poor economic times. The insecurity might manifest in the person’s self-image in a way that they are very critical about themselves.

Curved finger on a young person 

If you see this curved index on a young person, you’ll be glad to know that it represents a sense of duty, someone who takes their goals seriously. These people often grow up to become very self-assertive achievers.

If the curve is significant

In general, the curved index depicts insecurity or someone who needs the security of a partner or family member; whether financially or emotionally. When the curved index finger bends strongly towards the middle finger, it shows that in relationships, they are prone to be emotionally secretive or feel unstable; exposing a possessive, insecure or jealous nature.

If the finger leans away from the middle finger

When the index finger leans away from the middle one, towards the thumb, it displays a very extroverted and ambitious nature; these people also like to be in the centre of attention.

Curved Index Finger Wide Apart from the Middle Finger

When the middle and the index finger are wide apart at the base, it shows qualities of motivation, self-confidence and individuality. They are independent and unrestrained.

Crooked fingertip only

curved finger, Crooked finger of Jupiter, bent index finger, meaning of bent index fingertip

When only the tip is crooked, it has a greater implication of its meaning. The bent tip is usually only on the index finger or pinkie. On the pinkie, it can show an early history of family problems. It usually indicates mental confusion in decision making, thoughts, and intuitive faculties.

A case example of the bent tip on the index finger

On the index finger, the cause might be when a parent or both parents endlessly criticize, shame and judge the child or try to make them feel guilty about their actions. The result might be restraint in thought or self-image.

If all fingers are curved

If all the fingers appear curved, primarily inward towards the middle finger, it reveals insecurity. The person might be shy, introverted or otherwise closed off. They tend to keep things to themselves, particularly if the thumb is also curved inwards.

Curved Apollo Finger (Ring Finger)

When the ring finger (Apollo) bends toward the middle, seriousness and a responsible nature are active (Saturn), and high creativity is present. For example, an artist might like to ‘cheat’ by finding ways to work easier or quicker.

crooked fingers, bent fingers, curved finger meaning

What if the curve is due to a broken finger?

The broken finger palmistry meaning: I once read the hands of a man who had a severe kink in his middle finger. It was also scarred from a visible injury. I asked him what happened to his finger and he told me the story of how it got mangled. Even though the bend did not occur through gradual development, I still take it into account and utilise the mark in the reading.

I asked him if he had an unpleasant or difficult time during or after that incident because after all, Saturn is all about responsibility, the law, solitude and seriousness. He admitted he did, in fact, he had spent several years in jail for unintentionally killing a person in a car accident. I wasn’t surprised, and it is a good example. Of course, that is not going to be the same description for everyone with a broken and bent middle finger.

Think about what the finger stands for and use that suggestion for your conclusion. On the little finger (Mercury), for instance, could be a sign of difficulties in intimate relations, dishonesty, or learning obstacles.

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