Star Lines on the Palm and What They Represent

star marks on the palm


The star lines and markings we see on the palms that don’t seem to fit into any category of a regular line are still significant in a palm reading. They can indicate a warning, such as stress, or point to a sign of talent, fortune or an event.

In most cases, markings on the mounts (the padded areas without main lines) accentuate the meaning of the mount either in a favourable or in an undesirable way. Star lines are markings that are both good and bad. On a line, based on traditional meaning, it is an unwelcome find.


Some of these markings will take a careful eye when analysing what they mean due to the difficulty in interpreting whether it is a mix of other lines overlapping or one which stands on its own.

A star will have at least three lines crossing at the same point and not be made up by other minor or major lines. It is an independent mark on the palm. While most star lines on the mounts are a welcome sign, they come with a complex connotation. The reason could be due to the challenges usually involved in attaining high-level success or recognition.

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Star marks on the mounts

On the Jupiter or Apollo mount, it reveals extraordinary talent, financial windfalls or even fame. However, even these positive markings need to be viewed as cautionary.  Sudden fame or success can influence personal life. That means keeping one’s head together, and feet on the ground to ensure a more secure scenario. The star on the Jupiter mount is more about honour and influence. The star on the Apollo is more about fame.

Star on the Mercury Mount

A star on Mercury mount beneath the pinkie shows a sudden rise in a business venture. However, on the negative side, it can point to dishonesty.

Star on the Saturn Mount

A star on Saturn mount beneath the middle finger may depict restriction, confines or obstacles. There is usually some effort in legal matters.

Star Mark on the Mount of Moon

A star on the mount of Moon at the base of the palm shows powers of instinct or imagination. There might be a celebrity status in a literary career. On the negative side, it can suggest fear of the sea or danger at sea.

A star on the ball of the thumb (Mount of Venus) can depict success in romantic affairs. The energy and passion is strong but might come at the expense or sacrifice of another matter.

Research and Scientific Study Markings in Palmistry

A mark in the centre of the palm in the form of a triangle is thought to be a sign of scientific aptitude. Some palmists say that it is an indication of unusual aptitude for research. The person usually undertakes interests that pertain to the unveiling of secrets and problems.

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