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Fish Symbol Meaning in Indian Palm Reading

fish sign

Fish symbol in Indian palm reading

A fish symbol on the palm is not easy to detect. Often this mark is mistaken or confused with other connecting lines. It is a rare sign that has a deep meaning in Indian palmistry. A modern palmist does not use the fish symbol when reading hands, but it is still interesting. Keep in mind that it’s not a bad thing if you do not have a fish sign.

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What does the fish symbol look like?

The fish symbol is an oblong circle with a pointed end. It often has two pointed ends. It can also look like two triangles with overlapping lines. The triangle-shaped fish symbol is a more Chinese type of sign. (See below). Sometimes there is a whorl or a dot that forms the eye of the fish. On some hands, the symbol might look more like a bird, symbolising an opportunity.

The Meaning of the Direction of the Fish.

This line formation can be found anywhere on the hand. If the mark happens to have an eye, it’s even better. The meaning can vary slightly depending on which way the fish is facing and which mount it lies on.

If the fish has the head towards the wrist, the meaning relates to after around fifty years. If the head points towards the fingers, the effects will be earlier.

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What does it mean when in various areas of the hand?

On the mount of Jupiter beneath the index finger, it indicates power, honour, and respect. Some regard the fish sign on the Jupiter mount as an indication of wealth, especially if the mount is well-developed. It shows leadership, a pleasant, generous and especially religious person.

Fish sign on the Saturn Mount

The symbol on the mount of Saturn (under the middle finger) can suggest success in occult sciences or philosophical matters. This individual is likely to be organized and disciplined. However, if it appears on the mount, it will also likely be on the Saturn line/career line. If so, it improves finances through career, marriage or other.

Fish Symbol on the Mercury mount

The fish mark on the mount of Mercury (under the little finger) points to having luck in business or a career that requires excellent communication skills. It might also show sudden wealth after the age of around fifty.

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The mount of Apollo under the ring finger.

If the fish symbol is on the Apollo or Sun mount, it might also be on the Sun line. This line formation can demonstrate contentment in a creative field, even some fame and fortune, especially later in life.

The fish symbol on the Mount of the Moon

This is rare, but on the mount of the moon, it depicts fame or satisfaction in a creative field. It can also mean that travel will be a part of their success. These signs at the bottom of the palm make a person more spiritual and grounded.

The fish symbol on the life line.

If the fish sign is at the end of the life line on the dominant hand, it ensures remarkable prosperity, luck or spirituality during life. At the beginning of the life line, it shows much potential and is an intelligent child. In the middle of the life line it depicts struggle, but a profoundly spiritual being who tends to care much for others.

The fish symbol, for a man, is said to show enormous success. In Indian palmistry, a fish symbol on a woman’s hand is auspicious, suggesting she will have good fortune. She will have children and a caring partner or husband that will outlive her. In India, it is considered bad luck for a female to be a widow, especially if she is still young. If the woman is a housewife, the husband will succeed financially.

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A Chinese Fish Sign.

The Chinese fish sign looks more like an open-ended triangle. These lines are supposed to represent a peaceful life. If the tail end crosses a finger, it indicates money. The Chinese fish symbol is often found at the end of the life line.

Other markings on the palms

Some lines might look like a fish symbol but are not. The lines and marks on the palms that don’t fit into any line category are still significant. They can indicate a warning, such as stress, or point to a sign of talent, fortune or an event. In most cases, markings on the mounts accentuate the meaning of the mount either favourably or in an undesirable way.

Star Marking

A star mark can be both good and bad. It is an unwelcome find on a line, but on the Jupiter or Apollo mount, it reveals extraordinary talent, financial windfalls or even sudden fame. However, even these encouraging marks must be considered cautionary since sudden fame or success can affect personal life. Hence keeping one’s head together and feet on the ground ensures a more secure and happy scenario.

Triangle mark

Some of these markings will take a meticulous eye when analysing what they mean, like whether it is a mix of other lines overlapping or one which stands on its own. The triangle is one that many misidentify because it can appear coincidentally with the crossing of central lines. If that is the case, it has no value. The triangle can also look like a fish symbol. A triangle found distinctly on its own or attached to the line is known to give karmic support, a boost of power or talent to the specific area. It is a welcome sign to diminish any existing difficulties.

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Cross Mark

Crosses show barriers, adverse circumstances or sudden events and are usually an unfavourable mark. The cross is an independent line and not coincidental with central lines. On any line, except for the Apollo, it suggests an obstacle that slows down the progress of a career, family or relationship. If you find a faint cross under the mount of Apollo and Mercury (between the two) just beneath the heart line, it is said to signify a new home arrival or purchase of one. These types of crosses can come and go.

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