Career Line Starting Positions on Your Palm

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Saturn lines (Fate lines)


The career line which is also a fate line or Saturn line is an excellent indicator of change in the life of its bearer. Which is why it is a valuable indicator of the transformation and success of its owner. A perfect and straight fate line which runs directly from the base of the palm to below the finger of Saturn can denote an unchanging and steady career or direction in life. The person knows who they are; they are self-motivated, serious and in control of their decided path in life from an early age.


A gently curving career line indicates a gradual change in their occupation or in their life. The sharper the curve, the more drastic is the change. If it veers from side to side, it predicts that the ambitions are not well directed and there is a waste of energy in efforts throughout their life.


A double career line, depending on how tight they run to each other can refer to two similar occupations, hobbies or study alongside a career at the same time. If the lines are close, it can depict a successful business partnership and may even represent a husband or wife who is considered very supportive. Whatever the case, the second line suggests a duality of some aspect and acts as a support line, giving strength to the main line. The second formation sometimes shows up as a small fork leading into two clear directions.

Where the line ends

The line can have more than one ending point, with offshoots like branches coming off the line and reaching to other areas such as the Apollo or Jupiter mounts. When this occurs, it can have very positive connotations regarding the success of a career or occupation. Rising towards the mount of Jupiter shows the achievement of ambition through skill, hard work, and study. The fate line itself should end under Saturn. A branch line rising towards Mount Apollo is particularly lucky; it depicts success through talent or creativity, as well as fame and good fortune.


fate lines in palmistry, palm reader in brisbane, fate line starting, missing lines, fate line missing
Saturn lines/Career/Fate line types
  1. Starting at the life line is a traditional start to a career, which originated from the individual’s background, education or personal merit. It represents a competent person who is determined to apply their energy and talent to succeed in life.
  2. Starting from inside the life line would show someone who has had less choice and was probably ruled by family in the line of work expected of them or obligated to follow the same profession as their parents.
  3. Starting at the wrist at the centre of the hand shows first responsibilities. It also depicts a balanced personality. The fate line starting at the base of the palm is a sign of common sense, as well as independence. The person uses his/her own efforts which decides the choices of career.
  4. A fate line starting at the Mount of Moon shows people (or public) based profession of their choosing. They achieve success due to their appealing and essential qualities, someone who can be in the public eye. Often found on entertainers and actors.

What if you do not have a career line?

Having no career line does not mean the person has ‘no career’ or that they are unmotivated, but instead, it is more likely that they prefer to take life as it comes, not bound by any demands, responsibility or purpose.

As an example, a man who is a self-employed salesperson, with goals and motivation to run his own business, might not necessarily have a fate line. The probable reasons for this may be because his skin may be coarse, he plans his days one day at a time and no strict boundaries for his career.

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