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Healing Ability Signs in Hand Analysis

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Looking at your hands and palm lines can help you understand more about yourself and your future. Modern palmistry is helpful in situations where you might feel confused or uncertain about life decisions. We can rely on the hand and line characteristics because the brain significantly connects to our hands. In this article, learn about how you can see healing ability from the hands.

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Healing ability covers a broad range of specialities, not just a doctor or a guru. It comes from the person’s character and relates to a person’s attitude towards people and animals. People who heal others are grounded and warm with compassion, resilience, and awareness. We can see these traits in the hands, fingers and palm lines.

The shape of the hand and fingers

The shape of the hand and fingers can show whether someone could be a healer. A surgeon often has a palm slightly larger than the fingers (fire hand depicting energy) due to the required stamina. The square palm also fits because of the practical aspect. The fingertips are mainly round or square and never pointed. The fingers will be even (not thick at the base and thin at the tips). There will often be at least one whorl fingerprint.

A psychotherapist uses communication to heal and is expected to have water (long palm and long fingers) or air (square palm with long fingers) hands with a long little finger. As well as hands shape, the pinkie is often level with the rest of the fingers. The fingertips are round, showing an open mind. The businesslike square fingertips and dreamlike pointed tips show less consideration for emotions.

Signs of healing ability:

  • The tip of the little finger has a slight kink, showing the ability to communicate in a healing way. Also, the fingerprint on that finger should be a whorl or a loop.
  • A nurse would possess the solid and grounded earth (square palm with short fingers) or fire hand (long palm with short fingers). Also, the nurses’ skin would be of normal texture, not thin or coarse.
  • Spiritual healers mostly have gentle water hands and long palms with long fingers. However, if the fingers are soft (smooth knuckles), thicker at the base and pointed fingertips, it depicts too much selfishness.
  • In all of the hand shapes, the mount of Venus (ball of thumb) is more round than flat as it shows energy.
  • The well-developed mount of Mercury (the padded area beneath the little finger) has several vertical lines called ‘medical stigmata’ Without these. They may be in it just for the money. (Read more about these lines below.)
  • A ring of Solomon is a line running horizontally (under the index finger) across the padded area under the index finger. It depicts an understanding of people, as well as humanity or society.
  • A line of intuition that runs from the base of Mercury mount (under the little finger) and around the Mount of the Moon (base of the palm) is rare but is someone with excellent gut instincts.
  • The mount of the moon is well developed.
  • The fingertips are mainly round or conic. It’s not pointed or square.

The skin texture is rarely coarse. Also, it depends on the hand shape. For example, water hands often have silky or soft skin. The fire shape, air, and earth types have medium skin.

MEDICAL STIGMATA (Healing lines)

The Medical Stigmata lines are on the Mount of Mercury under the pinkie, usually three to five vertical parallel lines in the middle of the mount. They are a standard set of minor lines, mostly on someone with medium to fine-textured skin. Having these lines does not mean the person is or will become a doctor or a healer, but they can empathise with their patients. It suggests a soothing and reassuring way of dealing with people and animals.

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These lines strengthen the qualities of Mercury. However, if there are more than five, it further shows Mercurian business and communication attributes. More often, they appear when a person is into marketing, writing, communicating or selling, such as a writer, teacher or entrepreneur. It can also suggest the person is overdoing things mentally.

What if the Medical Stigmata lines are horizontal?

If the lines are horizontal over the top of vertical lines, it’s called grille lines. A grille marking appears on a hand when there is a group of many lines in a patch. Typically, vertical and horizontal lines overlap in one area, forming what may look like a lattice. However, the lines are often not visible but an area that seems to be a blur of lines or skin ridges. In the area of the medical stigmata lines, the grille depicts scheming, shrewdness or someone at risk of failing in business.

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