Sign of Success from Your Hands in Palmistry

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Someone who is successful in their field, especially if it involves being in the public eye (singing, dancing, acting, lion taming?) have one thing in common, a sign of success. One is a rising line of Apollo. Apollo on the hand is the area of the ring finger and the mount just beneath it.

A vertical line which begins low on the palm and rises clearly and distinctly into the mount of Apollo beneath the ring finger represents the arts, including fame and fortune. For this Apollo line (success line) to show achievement of fame, there must be a reasonably clear-cut and continuous line that has a sharp definition.

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What if you do not have an Apollo line?

If you have talent and are good at what you do in the arts, a lack of Apollo or fate line does not mean you cannot be successful and famous. It may be that you have no expectation of your works, or in some cases, you do not fully appreciate your gift. 

Of course, as with all indicators on the palms, you need to compare the factors before making a conclusion. Watch my Youtube video about the Apollo success line here.

What is another sign of success?

In this instance, one right thing to look for is the length of the pinkie finger (Mercury). A long pinkie finger shows someone who can easily express themselves. The ability to communicate is one of the best attributes; with a good vocabulary and pure eloquence, they are social, influential and very organised.

It also means that they are naturally good with money and do well in business; as well as politics, science, education, television or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject that requires being able to convey the knowledge or express themselves using words. Excessively long, however, can mean shrewdness and untrustworthiness.

Another potential sign of success is a thick pinkie. A thick pinkie is rare. However, if it appears thicker compared to the rest of the fingers or just abnormally large, it shows someone who may be rather talkative with a keen interest in business or money. These people are a perfectionist and potentially very shrewd. It may also be the sign of a workaholic.

A Long Thumb is one sign of success.

If your thumb length reaches at least halfway to the second crease on the index finger, you have a long thumb. Long thumbs show determination and a will to get things done. A small thumb proves a little more effort in most things.

Watch my Youtube video about the thumb lengths here.

A Millionaire hand, see video here 


Most of the time when we procrastinate, it is because the job is boring. If you are excited about doing something, you tend to get it done right?

Some tips to reduce the boredom of some jobs:

Try playing music or listening to the radio while you work.

If at home, watch television while you work and use the commercial breaks for the tasks that are most difficult.

Call a friend on the phone while you work on jobs such as the dishes or folding washing.

See if you can get a family member to help do a job and set yourself a time limit. My children are willing to help if I say something like, ‘Let’s see how quick we can do a ten-second tidy.’ We all start tidying and count while we do it or use a stopwatch to time ourselves, and they have more fun doing it if I help.

More things to help stop procrastination.

Do the boring jobs first? Get them out of the way quickly so that you have more time to do the things you love.

Is it an important job, does it have to be done, or can you leave it and put up with it?

Some things can be put off until another time. It does not matter if everything is not perfect, after all, it is only you that is going to complain, isn’t it?

Do you find yourself doing trivial tasks around the house or at work and using them as an excuse for, not doing something else?

Are you happily helping everyone else finish their tasks and going out of your way, just to be nice?

Do you stop and ask yourself first, ‘Do I want to do this?’ If the answer is no, then say no, you need to finish a major task of your own first. It is not easy to say no when you want everyone to think you are superwoman or man. However, you know that when you do, you have taken control of your life, and that feels good!

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