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Past Present and Future from the Palm Lines

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Learn How You Can Read Past, Present and Future Experiences From the Palm Lines

The lines or marks on the palms reveal the past, present and future events or experiences. When we look at the palm lines, we look at the quality of the line first. Is the line clear, deep, and even, or is it perfect or defective? If the line has defects, we check how far it continues and its condition after the fault.

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palmistry by Sari Puhakka, past present and future

The Main Rules in Reading the Lines

The main rule governing the lines is that the more evenly they run, the clearer they are, near pink in colour and the less crisscrossed, broken, and chained, the better the line is. The vertical lines are encouraging, and the horizontal lines crossing them are flaws. And by flaws, I mean that the crossing line can represent a hurdle or obstacle in life, career or other. It is the same for the lines on the mounts.

When any line is deeper or shallower than another, it gives a different characteristic. The deeper, clearer and better-coloured lines are the strongest. A broad and shallow line shows weakness and can represent the line as an older line disappearing or a new line appearing. Knowing the subject’s age is essential before you can see past, present and future experiences.

The Weak Lines

The weak line is faint and difficult to see clearly on the palm. It often has many markings along its way, signifying difficulties, illness, general stress or reduced energy levels. It is a sign of a quiet person who may not be physically active. A weak and short life life is typical among the young as they may not have set long-term goals or are relatively spoiled with little responsibility. Settling down and establishing a stable home and lifestyle strengthens a weak or short life line.

Well-Formed Even Lines

The well-cut, even lines generally depict steadiness of purpose, temper, and general success. These also represent someone thinking along the same lines. Sticking to goals and focusing on your passion or work helps to make even lines.

See Past, Present and Future from the Changes in the Lines

Changes in the lines can represent changes in real life, whether past, present or future. For example, a single line might be deeper in some parts than others. The thin parts can depict times that were not particularly eventful or prosperous.

A split line shows the more likely change in circumstances. A break in a line depicts change because the proper flow of the energy is interrupted, leaving a space that may necessitate a decision for transformation or a pause in life. If a divided line only runs a short distance and then stops, it displays a failed attempt to change the course of life. The wider the splits, the more critical they are. Split lines can repair themselves, especially on the life line, by the broken ends overlapping each other, a small cross line connecting them, sister lines, or a square surrounding the fractured ends.

Other Marks

A SMALL STAR – A small star made up of at least three individual lines, on a line can represent an accident or shock, or sudden change.
LITTLE CROSS – A small cross made up of two distinctive crossing lines on a line, can depict a period of hardship or an obstacle. On a mount, it can have more positive connotations.
SMALL SQUARE – Square is protecting, revealing, and overcoming threats or problems in life.
A SMALL TRIANGLE – A triangle on a line boosts the line, on a mount, it shows Intelligent behaviour and diplomacy.
GRID MARKS – Whether on a line or a mount, the grid mark is about overdoing things, illness, stress, or depression.
CHAINED SECTION – Chains reveal uncertain times such as Illness, stress, nervousness, or confusion.

How to Time an Event on the Life Line

See the image below. For timing on the fate, career or success lines see this article.

timescale on the life line in palmistry

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