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Travel Abroad Signs From the Palm Lines

travel abroad signs

Do the palm lines show if you will move to another country?

For many reasons, you may want to know if you will move to another country, and there may be signs from the palm lines about travel abroad. The study of palmistry goes back to ancient times and was made popular by William John Warner, known as Cheiro, an influential practitioner of palmistry in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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Modern palmistry finds clues to our character and possible life changes. We like to rely on the lines on our palms because they are connected to the brain. However, many consider palmistry a pseudoscience due to various contradictions between interpretations and the lack of evidence for palmistry’s predictions.

About the palm lines

Firstly, it’s good to understand that the palm lines are the deepest where our focus is. If the focus is steady, the line should be without breaks, flaws and marks. An example of this focus is, for instance, someone who left school, studied at a university and followed a career path without diverting his course will have a straight and clear fate line. If the life line is steady, they will likely know what they want from life and stay on that path.

Travel Abroad Signs from the life line

Finding a break in a line tells us that something has or will change course. A break in the life line means the most about a significant change, such as moving abroad. The line usually continues in a different path after the break. The fate line tends to help by joining the life line. Other travel abroad signs are branch lines that leave the main lines, such as the life of fate line.

travel abroad signs

The lines that leave the life line are called branch lines. These branches represent energy leaving the usual path of the line. If the line is clear and deep, it means travel is likely. If the fate line also has a break, there is a high chance of moving abroad. Remember that these breaks can represent any significant change. Therefore do not guarantee travel.

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travel abroad sign

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