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Warning Signs For Business from The Hands

dual personality from the palm lines

Warning Signs for Business from the Hands and Palm Lines

Suppose you are interested in business or want to know what type of person would make a good business partner. You may want to see if you have what it takes to be in business for yourself. But what about the types to avoid in business? Looking at the hands might show you the warning signs for business from a palmistry perspective.

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Palmistry is the study of the hands, palm lines, and fingerprints. Because the hands strongly connect with the brain, they can reveal personality. In this article, I discuss what signs might indicate that a person is unsuitable for business. I have another article here that discusses the positive qualities. I also have hundreds of articles on this website for you to learn about all the lines on the palms. Hit the search button or go to this blog page to see them all.

Below is a list of qualities found on the hands and palm lines unsuitable for business. Please note that some of these qualities can be offset by positive features.

10 Warning Signs for Business

  1. While long fingers are usually a positive sign, long fingers with a waist in the middle phalange are not. These types may be analytical but more likely to be overcritical to the degree that turns a positive into a negative.
  2. Long fingers with pointed fingertips show cruelty and a lack of practical ability.
  3. The palm shape with the outer edge (mount of Moon) hollow, sunken, or sloping towards the wrist weakens the capabilities and steady nature.
  4. If the head line commences well away from the life line, it depicts independence overload, meaning they will be foolhardy or reckless in decision-making.
  5. When the head line is joined to the life line for some distance, it indicates a cautious personality, not confident enough to run a business.
  6. If the heart and head lines are too close together, it depicts narrow-mindedness, someone who does not trust others.
  7. If the success line fades and disappears before it reaches the heart line, it shows good ideas and hopes (and potential), but some goals will likely be dismissed before any achievement.
  8. If the index finger is short and undeveloped, it reveals a lack of pride. And if the ring and little finger lean in towards each other, it shows selfish ways, not suitable for someone who might be a business partner.
  9. Someone who has crooked fingers is not suitable as a business partner. (Unless they are through an accident). The crooked fingers represent a crafty person unlikely to be trustworthy.
  10. A thick thumb tip with a crooked little finger with unevenly sized fingers can reveal a born liar with a bad temper.

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