Love or Arranged Marriage? Palmistry

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Some people are still curious whether they will have a love or arranged marriage. An arranged marriage is a union where the couple is chosen by someone else, mostly by the parents. The groom or bride do not have a say in who they will marry. In some cultures, they now use a matchmaking site. These types of marriages have traditionally been renowned in many cultures and remain common in many regions, like India. However, in western culture, it is scarce.

To find love or arranged marriage from the hands, we look at several indicators, including the personality. The reason for seeing the character is that often a person of strong will tends to do what they want. If the lines on the palm show a sign of love or arranged marriage, then we look at several features. The first is the heart line, then the union lines, as well as the finger lengths, fingerprints, and marks on the palm.

The heart line shows the type of emotions a person feels. A short and straight line (2) depicts someone who loves their freedom. They might not be in touch with their feelings and lack warmth. In that case, it’s the first sign of potential arranged marriage. If the heart line is curved and long (1,3,4), it suggests the person is more affectionate and caring. These people are keen to express their feelings and so would more likely to prefer love marriage. The Simian line depicts a more stubborn nature, for them to marry at all will require a unique bond; therefore, love marriage would be more suitable.

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Types of heart line

Love or arranged marriage from the hands and fingers

When looking at the fingers, a long or well-developed index finger depicts a determined, confident and ambitious nature. If this finger also has a whorl fingerprint, then the individual is likely to be headstrong; hence, love marriage is possible. This type, together with a long heart line, will want to find love for themselves.

Someone with a long pinkie (reaches at least to the top crease of the ring finger), is expected to have a love marriage. However, if the middle finger is longer than average, the person might not want to marry at all. An overly short middle finger or a long ring finger can depict a risk-taker. Therefore they are probable candidates for an arranged marriage.

The Marriage lines

The marriage lines are on the very edge of the palm under the pinkie. The usual meaning is that a distinct line shows a long-term relationship (not necessarily marriage). The fine and shorter ones are insignificant or less worthy unions. Light and short mainly depicts a casual or short-term relationship. However, this line can still denote a significant soul mate or even long-term marriage. I have seen short lines where there was a long-standing marriage. The longer the line, the more likely the love marriage is possible.

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Marriage lines are the horizontal lines on the side under the pinkie

If the short line is on the left hand, (or non-dominant hand) it can suggest an arranged marriage or one of convenience (such as for financial gain). It can also signify that the partner is dominant in the relationship. If there are many short lines, it shows briefer, (but no less valuable) unions that teach us helpful life lessons. For some people, the presence of many lines here means only casual partners or affairs.

A curved marriage line that touches the heart line can be a sign of disappointment within the marriage, I have seen this line on those who have love marriages. But it seems to make more sense to be discontent from an arranged marriage. A curved line that rises up towards the pinkie might also be an arranged marriage, but the partner is wealthy.

Is more than one marriage bad?

The marriage lines, union or relationship lines in old palmistry predicted the number of times a person would marry. Many palmists from the old school still do follow that rule. However, my experience has shown that the number of marriages is not as reliable as we would like. Some individuals’ hands will reveal every line of every brief affair and others who have married more than once have only one relationship line (or even none). However, in general, if there is more than one marriage line, love marriage is probable.

Love or arranged marriage from other marks and lines on the palms

A cross line on the Jupiter mount (padded area under the index finger) suggests a happy love marriage. It shows the person is satisfied with the union. A square mark on the Mount of Venus (ball of the thumb) can indicate the same thing.

With the start of the life line entwined with the head line, together with a line of Mars at the beginning shows someone introverted, but also with a family bond, and so is a sign of an arranged marriage.

If the life line is seperated from the head line, the person is more outgoing and independent. These types will likely find love and live with the person first before a marriage.

A line which originates near the mount of Moon and rises to the fate line is another mark of love marriage.

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