Thumb Crease Types in Palmistry

thumb lines, thumb crease, palmistry lines

The thumb crease, properly named ‘distal interphalangeal crease’ study. Every so often hand analysts considers the lines on the thumb. However, it is not practised much in modern palmistry. I have begun this study because it is something that interests me, and I watched this line on my thumb change over the past twenty-three years.

The line between the distal and middle segments of the thumb (top phalange crease) can change over time. The line is believed to suggest how much the person cares or takes care of their family. It can also show how much involvement the person has in their family. It apparently depends on the depth and strength of the line. (Please note that this is only a study and not scientific evidence).

The thumb crease is also meant to show the health of the individual. It usually has an island formation, much the size of a grain of rice. If present in the perfect form, it is said to show a healthy, happy and robust family life. If broken, split or missing, the family life might be going through change or may have had disruptions. Sometimes the owner of a missing island on the thumb is disconnected somehow from the family.

Which Hand Thumb Crease to See?

Compare both thumbs to see if they’re different. It is possible that the non-dominant hand has a different meaning. It may be showing more about the financial status of the person, like if they are earning a steady income. Therefore, a split or broken up island would represent poor financial stability. A perfect island can suggest stability.

thumb lines, thumb crease, palmistry lines
distal interphalangeal creases(DIP)
  1. A small island on the end of the crease on the dominant hand can represent a family which has grown children. It might suggest the family is smaller, as in maybe some of the children have become adults and are independent of the family. It could also mean a family or marriage later in life.
  2. A broken top line of the island shows there may be problems in the family, either financial, personal or both. If both top and bottom line on the island is broken, it might mean the family or marriage has split.
  3. Two small islands can depict a time of change, uncertainty or even two families coming together.
  4. A large island shows good health and possibly a large family. If the bottom line on the island has a break, it might depict a broken marriage or family, but only partially.
  5. A perfect island is depicting good health and a close or strong family with stable finances.

You too can study your own thumb lines.

Everyone is different and have their own situation, so the above meanings might not be right for you. (Which is why this is a study).

  1. Check your lines now and remember your life situation. (Take photos or draw your lines now).
  2. Check your thumb lines again in a few months or more.
  3. Did anything change in your life?
  4. Did any line on your thumb change at the same time?
  5. Make sure you keep images or drawings of your thumb lines (especially the middle line) to see changes.

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