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Cross on the Heart Line and Other Marks

cross on the heart line, marks on the heart line

Crosses on the Heart Line and Other Marks and Meanings

Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, has been used for centuries to help people understand their lives. By studying the lines on the hands, like the cross on the heart line, a palm reader can interpret traits and maybe even predict the future. By understanding what your hands say about you, you can gain clarity on your life’s path and make better life choices.

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The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; in palmistry, it represents how a person expresses feelings and attitudes towards relationships. In this article, you will learn about the cross on the heart line and other marks that have a significant meaning.

normal heart line, major lines on the palm

How to read the heart line on the palm

The basics of reading this line are the same as the other lines on the palm by looking at its length, depth, and quality. The deepness of the line displays the depth of feeling. The heart line can be straight or curved. A curved line indicates emotion, while a straight line shows control.

An ideal heart line would be gently curved and end somewhere between the index and middle finger. If it also has a fork at the end, the person has a naturally optimistic view of relationships; they have a balance between ideal and practical.

Most heart lines are not flawless and regularly exhibit branches and markings. The perfect line shows that the emotional experiences of a person’s life would not affect them much; it shows a robust character. Where the heart line sits on the palm can add to the meaning of this line.

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How to recognise a cross on a palm line

It’s too easy to see crosses anywhere over the palm in some hands. But you should know that the other lines that coincidentally cross each other are not what we classify as crosses on a line. The cross must be two short independent lines over the main line.

The chained heart line

Sometimes, several crosses form a chained or islanded appearance to the line. A string of small islands throughout shows a moody, changeable, hypersensitive nature.

chained heart line

Imagine a smooth line showing even emotions; then a messy chained line shows uneven emotions. Sometimes the chained look is brought about by mineral deficiencies in the diet. It can also show depression; look at the head line for breaks, islands or one that dips down to the Mount of Moon.

If the chained appearance is only on the part of the line, it can represent a period of indecisiveness about their feelings. Some see the chained line as a sign of a personality flaw, such as a fickle, flirtatious, unfaithful lover. A heavily chained line can also suggest current heart problems. In some cases, these fuzzy lines can be a mark of someone mentally disabled.

Other marks and meanings

  • CROSSBARS – Like a slash, short bar lines can depict union obstacles. They can also be a need for change or restlessness in a relationship.
  • CROSS – A cross mark on the heart line is a sudden obstacle or problem within a relationship that lasts longer than the bar line.
  • STAR – A star mark would suggest an unexpected emotional upset or shock.
  • TRIANGLE – A clearly formed small triangle on the line suggests a favourable time for relationships.
  • SQUARE – Usually, over a weak line section, the square shows overcoming emotional stress.
  • DOT – Can depict heartbreak, emotional upset, shock or an actual condition of the heart. But make sure to check for other indications.
  • ISLAND – A division of energy, often due to a problematic emotional period. It can also depict a weakened physical condition of the heart.

Branches on the line

Rising branches reflect idealistic and happy experiences and a keen interest in the opposite sex. Drooping branches show insecurity or disappointments and sometimes poor-quality relationships or losses.

If there are drooping lines along its entire length, it can indicate a sense of failure. This type of line is often on those with a negative attitude regarding relationships. It can also be that they may be restless or hypersensitive, possibly even prone to depression.

If branches drop down to touch the head line, it can suggest the person relies heavily on the head to make emotional decisions. They probably connect their feelings slightly to logic if the line is thin and barely visible. A heavy well-formed branch to the head line might mean that the person is more cautious and reserved about expressing their feelings.

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