Life Line Types in Palmistry and What They Mean

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Life line types on the palm and what they mean in palmistry.

In palmistry, the life line is the crease on the palm that circles the thumb. It is the line that people tend to first look at when doing a palm reading. The life line types of people vary. Most lines, however, arc around the thumb ball and end at the wrist. The length and quality of this line tell certain character traits and constitution. It is a line that is the most interesting one on the palm.

People often think that the line refers to ones’ actual length of life, but It doesn’t. It can show the quality of life. The line should ideally be: long, well-etched and unmarked. However, it is unlikely that people in this modern age have a line like that.

short line of life, short life line

The basic life line types:

The long life line

  • A long and deeply etched line that reaches the wrist (unmarked) shows vitality, routine, stability and motivation. These types like to be stable and close to their roots.
  • Most people who have a long life line tend to know exactly what they want from life. The long line without branches or deviations suggests little change in life. It is easier to read a long life line because potential disturbances are recorded in the timeline.

The short life line

  • A short line, if also delicate or thin in its appearance reveals a lack of stability or energy levels. Often it is a mark of unstable early family life or a change in the middle of life. (Possibly both).
  • The short life line is standard in the hands of those who don’t precisely follow family traditions. It shows a freedom-loving individual who is not so strict on routine. They might move around a lot or love to travel. It is as if the person has not set a path in their life, either through circumstance or conscious decision. This attitude might have come from an unsettled family or a broken family (where the parents separated).

Faint Life Line

  • A life line that appears faint depicts a delicate or sensitive constitution, common on those who are not physically active. They like to have a quiet life and tend to stick to indoor activities.

Widely curved life line

where the life line starts

A line that curves outward towards the Mount of Moon describes someone who loves to travel or is very outgoing. Some lines curve around enough to reach out towards the Moon’s mount so far as to touch the fate line. When this occurs, I have learned that it has a significant meaning around that period indicating a need for change or an event that brings about change; often, career or motivations become a current focus. A line that arches widely towards the Moon area depicts an outgoing and restless person with many interests. They will have a love of travel and changes of scenery.

Mount of Moon

Life line close to the thumb

  • A line which runs closer to the thumb is someone who lacks interest in physical activities and may be cold or selfish. They prefer to stay close to home, especially if the Venus mount is flat

A broad line curving well around the Venus mount (ball of the thumb) shows warmth and affection but a little more reserved.

A break in the life line

  • When a life line appears to have a break in it, look for sister lines on one or both sides of the line, these lines give support to an otherwise uncertain period. If the break happens to overlap another part of the life line, it often indicates a planned change.
broken life line, break in life line, meaning of broken line, short life line,

Double life line or second line (two life lines)

  • A line on the inside of the life line would show family support and on the outside of the line, from a non-related source. A second life line give support. The meaning of this mark can vary depending on which hand it appears. On the non-dominant hand, it can represent two distinct ethnic values or family backgrounds. These people often feel the presence of a spirit guide or have a healthy spiritual belief system.
  • On the dominant hand, the second life line gives added strength and protection. These individuals typically have an abundance of energy and recover quickly from illness. A well-formed secondary line can also show two different sides of character or lifestyle.
  • See more about the double life line in a video here

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