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Methods of Timing on life line.

How do you do timing on life line in palmistry? I will show you a couple of methods. The first line a person usually looks at on the palm is the line of life. It is also often the most prominent line on the palm. The life line is the crease that arcs around the mount of Venus. It generally reaches somewhere near the wrist. This line is not an indicator of how long you will live, but what it does show is the quality of your life.

So, the condition of the life line might depict the condition of your life. Ideally, it should be well-defined without deviations or markings. However, that is not likely to occur in the present day due to busy and demanding lives. If the marks on the line reveal certain events, then we would be interested in guessing the timing.

There are various methods of doing this. However, it is not exactly easy to do, nor is it an exact science. However, the timing on life line is an important part of interpreting the markings. Knowing whether an event has passed or is yet to come can prevent much unnecessary worry; some markings on this line are negative indicators.

The methods used by palmists are not exact, but the following timing on life line example is relatively close.

The best way to find timing on your life line by age is to look at past events. A significant move or change should show and leave a marking on the line. With practice, you get to understand the knowledge of these experiences and achieve a more accurate reading. (See what a broken life line means here.)

The beginning of the line starts at the top, and many hand readers agree that is where to begin the timing. I am open to reading it the other way around, but for the purpose of this article, I chose to start at the top.

When estimating timing on the life line, approximately halfway along shows the age of forty. Obviously, not everyone has the same lifespan, but this guide gives you the average age. If for instance, a person lives to a hundred, then halfway is fifty. The handshape can change the position of this line, so remember to think about any big events in the past that might have made a mark on the life line and use that as a guide for the age.

timing on life line

You can draw an imaginary line from the base of the thumb to the corner of the little finger and in most cases, it marks the middle of the line.

how to see age on life line

Once you have established the middle of the line to depict the age approx. forty, you can pick a halfway point on either side to point to age twenty and sixty.

Again, after getting the quarter marks, you can halve them to get the ages of ten, thirty, fifty and seventy.

More ways to estimate the timing

Another popular method, which I use a lot is to use the fingers as a guide. This is quite accurate up to the age of thirty-five. After that point, you need to use the measuring method.

  • A straight line drawn from the centre of the index finger to the life line is around the age of fifteen.
  • A line straight down from the gap between the index and middle finger is the approximate age of twenty-one.
  • From the centre of the middle finger, the age of thirty-five.
example method of timing the life line

If a line is broken, has a broad curve, is close to the thumb or reaches out towards the moon, it can be difficult to estimate timing. As a rule, to simplify it all, the first quarter length from the beginning of the line represents the age 1-20. The second quarter is 20-40, the third 40-60 and the last 60-80.

Estimate timing by using the measuring method

If you really want to try to be more exact in the timing technique, you can use the metric or imperial method. The imperial measures each year as 1/16th of an inch. The metric system is 1mm per year. I realise that they give a slightly different result, so it’s up to personal preference. Remember to think about any big events in the past that might have made a mark on the life line and use that as a guide for the age.

Time guide for the life line in millimeters

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