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Teaching Ability Signs in Palmistry

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Teaching Ability Signs in Palmistry

There are many factors that come into a person’s ability to teach. The obvious one is an interest in passing knowledge (and having knowledge). Not having teaching ability doesn’t mean you cannot become a teacher. It does, however, mean you need to change or get out of your comfort zone in order to be an effective one.

So, if you want to be a school teacher and you are not keen on interacting with people, reading, studying, researching and checking endless piles of paperwork, then it’s obvious you won’t be a natural teacher. 🙂

In palmistry, the hand shape can give clues to the right character for a teacher.

Skills and Hand Type Required for Teaching Ability

To have teaching ability, you would obviously require good communication skills and a desire for sharing knowledge. The shape of the hand that may fall into this category is the air and fire hand. The air hand has a small palm compared to fingers, and the fire shaped hand has a longer palm in comparison to shorter fingers.

  • The air hand type (square palm, long fingers) will quickly deliver their information through the ability to articulate their know-how patiently.
  • With long slim fingers of the air hand, they will have a caring nature.
  • The person with a fire hand (long palm, short fingers) may use unique or unfamiliar methods. This type of teaching keeps students interested and eager to learn.
  • The thumb should be sturdy and long, preferably. A weak thumb will show a lack of command or control over the students.
  • An extended pinkie shows the ability to communicate well.
  • The head line will be long and gently curved with a fork at its end.
  • The mount of Jupiter (beneath index finger) may have a line formation called a ‘teacher’s square’ on it.
  • A ring of Solomon – a curved line which sits beneath the index finger, will help since it depicts an ability to understand people.
  • The skin is usually soft and the nails wide, square or rectangle.

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