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Palmistry Remedies With Crystals and Colour

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What are palmistry remedies?

Palmistry remedies are using the meanings of the areas of the hand and fingers to highlight weaker areas. Suppose you struggle to get what you want out of life; having some reminders might help you. Think of it as a bit like the old fashioned trick of tying a piece of string around your finger to remember something. Primarily the remedies focus on the weak areas of concern, such as lacking determination and motivation.

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If you have read my article about millionaire’s hands, you would have learned what some common hand features are in the hands of a millionaire. In this article, I want to give you some alternative healing remedies if you lack some of the qualities.

These remedies use crystals as well as colours. Colour can have an amazing effect on your mind and emotions. You can use colours in your surroundings, the clothes you wear, with flowers, candles or jewellery etc. Use colour to heal yourself anytime you feel some area of your life needs improvement.

With the crystals, you can carry your crystal wherever you go. Also if you meditate and hold the crystal for its energy. Wearing a crystal ring on the correct finger helps to increase the qualities of the weak area.

Palmistry Remedies for the Water Hand to help with practicality.

The water hand is narrow and long. It depicts someone more sensitive and dreamlike. The character is mostly emotional, sensitive, introverted, but also creative. The areas that might require palmistry remedies are motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm and physical energy. The colour which aids in enhancing those qualities is red.


Red is a strong colour and gives you physical energy, excitement, and warmth. It is used for bringing sudden change. Red is also used for passion, power, fertility, menstrual or sexual problems. It brings warmth and excitement and increases blood flow in the body. Can stimulate your entire system or aid drying where there may be excessive fluids. Not to be used if you are feeling angry, tense or suffering mental conditions, (use orange instead, see below). A ring can be worn on the index finger or ring finger.

Crystals – Agate, Bloodstone, Garnet, Jasper, Ruby, or Obsidian. Citrine or orange topaz.

Palmistry Remedies For Depression to Help Motivation


The colour orange gives you optimism, courage, and glowing energy. It can be used to bring harmony, health, and happiness. It can reduce depression, but too much can generate pride. Orange can warm aching muscles, boost a weak pulse rate, help with allergies and strengthen the immune system as well as the appetite. A ring can be worn on the ring finger.

Crystals – Agate, Aventurine, Calcite, Citrine, Copper, Sunstone, Zircon, or OrangeTopaz.


Yellow depicts happiness and joy; it helps you stay mentally and visually active and helps your intellect. Also aids communication, willpower, logic, and learning. It can bring hope, inspiration and heal financial problems. However, dull shades are linked to negativity. Yellow can calm the digestive system, balance the emotions and strengthen the inner self where a person may be overly sensitive. The ring should be worn on the thumb for motivation and on the ring finger for depression.

Crystals – Yellow Topaz, Yellow sapphire, Diamond, Citrine, Jasper, or Zircon.


Wisdom and Mastery or spiritual abundance. It helps with long-term ambitions and courage. It can reduce your fears and help to decrease a lack of interest in life. In healing used for compulsive disorders, drug problems and promote long life.

Remedies for short pinkie or short fingers to aid communication

If you have a short pinkie or short fingers, you might be struggling with business, communication and patience. The colours recommended are yellow and gold. As a ring, it should be worn on the pinkie.

Palmistry remedies for short thumbs to help with success

In my article Hands of a millionaire, I mention that a long or well-developed thumb is a sign of a go-getter; a motivated and determined individual. The thin or short thumb can suggest a gentle, quiet personality. But, it can show a lack of drive. The colour to help is gold, red (see above) and blue. However, the blue must not a be pale tone. The ring should be worn on the thumb and/or index finger.

Crystals: Agate, Sapphire, Aquamarine, Zircon, Topaz, Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Tourmaline and also the Diamond, even though it’s not usually blue. The diamond assists in a logical way of thinking, determination and self-awareness. It helps you avoid becoming sidetracked and to stay focused. It also helps in better control of feelings and moods. If the crystal is worn as a ring, it should be worn on the thumb.

For Good Luck


The colour green represents balance, growth, love, friendship and change. Green gives you peace and harmony and is especially useful for new beginnings and after illness for recovery for the heart, lungs, or infections. It soothes the emotions, calms stress and gives security. Green is the colour for good luck and becoming more balanced with nature. It can help with decision-making, but a dull, or dirty shade can represent decay. The ring should be worn on the ring finger.

Crystals – Agate, Azurite, Bloodstone, Calcite, Jade, Jasper, Peridot, Sapphire or Tourmaline.

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Visualization meditation to re-train your mind

Visualization can be done day or night anytime, as often as possible. Always think of your situation as if you already have it. You should affirm what you do want, not what you don’t want Because you are creating something new in your life with a feeling of belief and faith. 

Consider something you might want to have or accomplish now, such as getting a job. Get comfortable (sitting or lying down) in a quiet place.

  1. Breathe deeply and slowly and relax completely.
  2. Begin precisely to envision the thing you need or want.
  3. Envision yourself as entirely satisfied with your outcome or situation.
  4. Picture it in your mind like as if you were watching a mini-movie with you as the star.
  5. Keep the image still in your mind, mentally make some positive affirmations, for example, ‘I have a wonderful happy life, and I have the energy to keep It’. ‘I am successful in what I do’.

When done with your affirmations, you might like to end your meditation with a statement such as ‘I give thanks for everything I have and for everything I am about to receive.’

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