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Influence Lines and Support Lines in Palmistry

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Influence lines and Support lines

Influence lines are fine secondary lines on the palm. The meaning can vary depending on where it is. The most common influence line is alongside the life line, like a sister line. If the line begins at the mount of Mars, it is a Mars line. If the influence line begins at the life line itself, it can suggest a sudden change by circumstances.

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Influence lines on the fate line are somewhat different. They can be rising lines that touch the fate line, or a parallel line alongside it. But it is only an influence or support line if it is close. A line which is parallel but not close to the fate line is a secondary fate line. Many people have more than one fate line.

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The influence lines on the fate line can depict a variety of things such as:

  1. A marriage or union
  2. A business partner
  3. The supportive friend or partner
  4. An epiphany or emotional decision

An idea might be what caused the influence, usually regarding career or other important life decision. If so, the line will rise to the fate line somewhere around the head line or directly from the head line. Remember, these lines are much finer than the main lines.

Some are not influence lines but instead Travel lines.

If a branch line emanates from the line of life towards the Mount of Moon, they are signs of trips or travel. However, they are not necessarily a symbol of permanent relocation. Usually, there will be a connecting line to the fate line or a new section of life line if the change is lasting. The long-distance travel line is longer than the short distance. For more about travel lines, you can watch my video lesson here.

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