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Eight of Cups in the Tarot Meanings for Answers

Eight of Cups in the Tarot (Mythic Tarot)

The eight of cups in the tarot is often interpreted as a card of departure or moving on. It can signify a time when we feel the need to leave something behind, whether it’s a job, relationship, or even a part of ourselves. This transition may not be an easy one, but it’s often a necessary step towards personal growth and fulfilment.

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When the Eight of Cups appears, it’s a reminder that we shouldn’t cling too tightly to the past. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is to have the courage to walk away from what no longer serves us, even if it’s comfortable and familiar. This card encourages us to seek out new experiences and opportunities that align more closely with our true selves and deepest desires.

Of course, the interpretation of the Eight of Cups can vary depending on the context of the reading and the individual’s unique circumstances. As with all tarot cards, it’s important to approach this symbol with an open mind and a willingness to explore its deeper meanings. With patience and self-reflection, we can gain valuable insights that help us navigate the challenges and transitions we face in life. [Go back to the Tarot-Scopes page here.]

eight of cups in the tarot

What is Tarot reading?

Tarot is a complex and nuanced practice studied and interpreted in many ways over centuries. At its core, tarot is a tool for divination and self-exploration. Each 78 cards in a tarot deck carries symbolic meanings and archetypes that can provide guidance. They give insight when interpreted thoughtfully. Skilled tarot readers use their intuition and knowledge of the card meanings. It helps to understand the querent’s situation to illuminate questions and uncover new perspectives.

What’s the right way to read the tarot?

There is no single “right” way to read the tarot. Different readers may use different spreads, focus on different aspects of the cards, and interpret the symbolism in their unique ways. It’s a highly personal practice that requires patience, open-mindedness, and a willingness to learn. The image on this page is from the Mythic Tarot by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Green. Illustrated by Giovanni Caselli.

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