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Loop Skin Ridge Patterns Under Fingers

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I always get enthusiastic about a palm reading when I see one or more loop skin ridge patterns on someone’s palm, because not only are many of them rare, they have considerably positive connotations. You can imagine my excitement when I found several of these loops on one palm, the person not only had the loop of seriousness, courage, environment and nature but also the loop of Charisma. Finding five different ones on the palms of one person was indeed a surprise.

Four Loop Skin Ridge Patterns Under the Fingers


The loop of seriousness is between the middle and ring finger, (another name for it is the loop of common sense). It is one of the more common loop skin ridge patterns. The name ‘seriousness’ describes the person well. These people are ambitious, career orientated, responsible and always with a purpose in mind. Even if found on one who prefers not to pursue a career, he or she would get much enjoyment from hard work.


The vanity loop or loop of style, is one of the rare loop skin ridge patterns. It is one that circles around the base of the ring finger (Apollo mount), suggests good taste, someone who takes care of their appearance. However, with their egotistical attitude, they can be impervious to the opinions of others.


A loop of humour, between the pinkie and the ring finger, shows someone who values pleasure and good times over the financial rewards of work. They do not take things too seriously, they have a good sense of humour and are naturally witty. Sometimes it stretches or curves under the Apollo finger; this would show a somewhat strange, dry or twisted sense of humour.


The loop of charisma or the Rajah loop, between the index and middle finger, is traditionally on those who have royal blood in their ancestry. It is one of the more rare loop skin ridge patterns. I can’t personally confirm that theory without some hard evidence. What I have seen though is that the person will have a strong character. They are lively, pleasant and entertaining. People admire them for their personality. However, they tend to be domineering, therefore come across a bit arrogant to more delicate souls. It is for this reason perhaps why it is often on those who are leaders in their field or a position of authority.

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