heart line joins head line, heart line dips to the head line

Heart Line Joins Head Line or Dips Downward

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Heart Line Joins Head Line or Dips Downward towards Life Line

heart line joins head line, heart line dips to the head line

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; it represents how a person expresses their feelings and their attitudes towards relationships. The basics of reading this line are the same as the head and life lines; that is by looking at its length, depth, and quality. The deepness of the line displays the depth of feeling. So, a curved line indicates emotion while a straight line shows control. If a heart line joins head line or life line, it has a different meaning. (read more below).

If the heart line joins the head line or happens to dip downward, it can denote some insecurity or caution in the realm of the emotions which can manifest as a fear of loss or jealousy, possibly due to a childhood experience. This person might always consider feelings rationally before making emotional decisions.

In some circumstances, this can signify same-sex orientation or someone who finds a strong bond with a member of their gender relevant (not to be confused with a branch which droops off the line). A branch will be much finer and not a continuous line.

Straight heart line to the head line

Most cases, the heart line that joins the head line is straight. A straight line shows an emotionally controlled person. It is a mark of someone who is more cautious and may hide their feelings. If it is very straight, they may seek perfection in a relationship. The lack of curve in the line, however, indicates also the lack of warmth, and the wish to be loved. The straight line does not seek close relationships, hence reveals coldness.

A line which has several dips and appears wavy, feelings are not constant, and there possibly is many love relationships or a lack of a serious one. If the line has breaks, watch this video to learn about the broken heart line.

If the line appears not to have a head line, you might have a Simian line, read about it here. Or, watch the Simian video lesson here.

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