Angel Message, Go with the flow

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Angel Message

Your Angel message. Easy does it, there’s no need to hurry or force things to happen. Go with the flow. Everything is happening in good order and at the right timing. Do what’s right for you and do it with devotion, but remember that there is no competition for your life purpose, love or career. There’s no need to hurry or worry, slow and steady progress is best for you right now. Be still and let it be okay with you that what’s happening is beyond your present understanding. It’s only in the stillness that we hear our answers, receive direction, or commune with God.

Psychic readings by Sari.


The art of analyzing hands. It has been practised for centuries to examine your character and desires, how you see the world and live your life. Reading your palms can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your future.
If you are interested in palmistry for personal reasons or if you are a professional coach, a therapist, counsellor, or healer. Hand analysis allows you to add additional means to your range of work. You can give your clients more insight and clarity for finding their way and attaining their maximum capacity.

What to me is exciting about this subject, is being able to understand the basics of the character through the hands. Learning about ourselves, and others help us to get along better with the people in our lives. Recognizing these essential features can not only assist in finding a suitable life partner but in business and other partnerships. Read More Here.

About the author:

Sari Puhakka, expert hand analyst, writer, and artist. Sari has been studying hands for over 34 years. Destiny Palmistry is her second published book. She is originally from Toijala, Finland. Born in 1967. She emigrated to Sydney Australia in 1977 with her parents and three sisters. Sari initially wrote a motivational book and began reading palms and cards as a hobby, now she holds workshops to teach hand analysis and attends events for readings. The website for more information is