Hand Analysis is Complete Palmistry

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The use of the term hand analysis is preferred over the word palmistry to try to steer away from the reputation of fortune tellers (which by the way still exist in most eastern worlds).

Today I would like to talk a little about how palm readers over the years have struggled to get respect from the population in general. I was particularly concerned when I realised that many of the people that are making it even more challenging are other so-called ‘new age’ hand reading experts.

There is also a new wave of hand analysts who are mocking the word “palmistry” as something that should no longer exist and is just fortune-telling? However, palmistry is hand analysis because it is the art of studying the hand as well as all its features such as the lines. 

I am going to make this point by taking some excerpts from some timeworn palmistry books that explicitly use the art for hand analysis, not fortune telling, whether it concerns the quality of the lines on the palms or the shape of the hand and fingers.

Many old books describe how to tell character from the hands and how to use that information to better your life.

Here is one from the original “Complete Guide to Palmistry – The Standard Work”:

The human hand has been described as the creator’s masterpiece of a mechanism. It’s a wonderful adaptation to the requirements of life. Few realise that the hand is a direct servant of the brain. Its markings, not only reveal the workings of the brain and the general characteristics, but also physical ailments. It cannot be denied that there is much opposition to the practice of Palmistry, based on ignorance and bigotry.

In this examination, it is necessary to note both hands. The first point to be noted is the texture and consistency of the skin; this will be best ascertained by feeling the back of the hand and noting its softness or otherwise.

The appearance of the hand as a whole will show whether it is evenly balanced, or is heavier or lighter in some parts than in others.

guide to palmistry

Below is another excerpt talking about hand analysis from the famous “Cheiro”.

He uses the term palmistry in studying the character from the hands.

“Palmistry for all” by Cheiro – PUBLISHED IN 1916

There is no country in the world where the “study of character” is more indulged in than In the USA. During my many visits there I could not help remarking how even the “hardest headed” businessmen used any form of this study that they could get hold of to help them in their business dealings with other men and also in endeavouring to ascertain the character of their clerks and employees.

In looking over the records of my career, I find that in the course of my visits to America. I gave private lessons to the heads of two hundred and seventy business establishments in New York. One hundred and thirty-five in Boston, and three hundred and forty-two in Chicago.

Study of the character

All these men were large employers of labour. What they principally wanted was, to have some help beyond that of their judgment. In dealing with those they came in contact within the regular course of their business careers. In no other country did I find the same interest taken in the study of character from a practical standpoint.

It is for this reason that I write a special Preface for this Edition. Believing as I do that my American readers will appreciate the added information. I may be able to give regarding the obtaining by a mere glance at a hand. A quick grasp of the leading characteristics of the persons with whom they are thrown into contact. Or for whatever reason, they choose to make use of this study.

cheiro book

He explains all aspects of the hand and how they relate to the character:

Venus = Love, sensuality, and passion.

Mars = Vitality, courage, fighting, etc.

Mercury = Mentality, commerce, science.

Moon = Imagination, romance, changeability.

Sun = Brilliance, fruitfulness, success.

Jupiter = Ambition, power, domination.

Saturn = Reserve, melancholy, seriousness.

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