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Hand Gestures Reveal Who You Are

Understanding the body language of hand gestures

Have you ever judged a person by how they walk, look or body language? Our personality can show through minute gestures of our body language, how we carry ourselves and what we do with our hands. Our hand gestures can reveal much about our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. From a simple handshake to complex gestures, the body language of the hands can convey powerful messages. In this guide, we’ll explore the meaning behind different hand movements and how to interpret them.

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The first steps in hand reading

The first thing you should study when reading someone’s hands is how they carry or hold them naturally. The subject should be standing relaxed, not busy with anything particular. Notice where the hands are and how they hold their hands. The hands that have nothing to hide open themselves freely. Someone who may be deceitful, hypocritical, or even anxious will keep their hands closed or hidden as much as possible. Less confident people will also hide their hands in their pockets or tucked away. Crossing your arms (folded) suggests apathy.

When there is no effort to hide the hands

When there is no effort to hide the hands, with fingers only partially closed but relaxed, show a more significant part of what they know is kept to themselves; they are self-contained, cautious, and trustworthy. It is someone whom you can confide in. These people will think before they spend money.

Hands at the side with open fingers

Next is the person who carries the hands at the side, the fingers open, and the hand dangling limply and lifelessly. The impression this hand gives is that of indecisiveness and lack of secureness of purpose. It indicates someone that is exceedingly dangerous to entrust with any secret. The open, limp hand is ready to receive suggestions, whether they are right or not. They may be mentally too lazy to think for themselves.

The hand that dangles lifelessly depicts a mind without purpose. The thoughts are like a sieve; whatever someone tells them pours readily, coupled with a lack of ability to be self-reliant. These undecided hands will tell you that you may easily impress their owner, and the only bother will be to keep them from directly telling you all they know.

Arms relaxed but fists firmly closed.

The next type of gesture to consider is the one who has their hands hanging at their sides but with fists firmly closed. It doesn’t represent a bully but one struggling under great willpower. Clenching the fist will indicate that the mind is made up and the determination settled. It shows the closing in of the energy, shutting out ideas of further conversation and the time to act.

The degree of clenching of the fist shows the amount of determination. If only gently closed, it represents a firm, determined person. If clenched rigid, the person is toiling under some unyielding excitement, a mind with a firm resolution, whether temporary or not.

Both hands hang at the wrist.

In this position, the left hand and forearm are across the abdomen, the hand dropping at the wrist and loose. This type of person is picky, demanding, hypersensitive, and shows an excess of femininity in either man or woman. It represents a lack of strength or support in situations when needed. These types care more about appearances than anything else.

Hands all over the place

Then there’s the person who holds the hands slightly at the side, waving them about in front of the body, seeming like they don’t want to touch anything. This type is suspicious, watchful and alert. The hands are searching for information. It’s best to speak to them honestly and hide nothing from them. That way, they can trust you.

Hand gestures in communication

Hand gestures are essential to communication, conveying various emotions and intentions. Research has shown that people with more hand gestures are perceived as more charismatic and persuasive. Hand gestures can also help to emphasise key points, clarify meaning, and add depth to our words. Understanding the hand’s body language can help you communicate more effectively and build stronger connections with others.

Hand gestures are effective non-verbal communication that can convey various emotions and meanings. They are often used to express feelings and emphasise statements and spoken words. Different cultures have different hand gestures and purposes, so it is vital to understand the context in which they are used.

How to Use Your Hands More Effectively When Making a Presentation or Speech

Making a presentation or speech is an art that requires the right combination of words, visuals, and body language. One of the essential elements to consider when making a presentation or speech is how you use your hands. Your hands can help you convey your message more effectively and make your presentation more engaging for the audience.

hand gestures

When you use your hands in a speech or presentation, have your palms visible with your hands spread wide. This open hand gives a feeling of trust. You can use the occasional arm movement to point out something important. But be careful not to wave your arms too much because it will distract your audience. Also, pointing your finger at someone will appear too aggressive. If you must point, use an open hand instead.

You can use hand actions descriptively to show empathy or feelings or even like how something moves. Giving a quick thumbs-up at the appropriate time is excellent! If you’re uncomfortable and don’t know what to do, let your hands fall to your sides. Check out this article to learn about what the thumb can reveal.

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