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♥ Good Morning Sari. I just want to thank you for being beside me for many years. My faith in you is far beyond. I remember my reading back in 2010, you were so accurate and proved my entire family wrong who kept doubting me. So many things you predicted, I hold you close to my heart forever more. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Love and light shine through you, Sari. One in a million you are. Gratitude fulfilled Xxx. C. T. Qld.

♥ Hi Sari

Thank you very much for my reading you are very accurate again! It was a good palmist who predicted I was going to get ill, but I didn’t believe her, but It happened and after that reading, I never saw her again because she left she was an old woman, but since her, I never found another good palmist until now. F.W e-mail reading.

♥Sari, After many interviews, I finally got an excellent job offer as a contractor. Your prediction was 100% accurate and thanks to you many times. Great wishes to you and your family. Again, many thanks for your replies, and your support. Have a great day, Sincerely, R.R—Trial Reading.

♥ Sari, You’re absolutely spot on. I shall be sure to leave great feedback for you. Many thanks, Veronika.

♥ Thanks, that was very accurate. Many thanks for taking the time to do this reading for me. J.D.C E-mail

♥ Hello Sari, Wow, that’s really great reading. How can you tell me so much about the situation that I’m facing now? That’s really amazing. Thank you so much. Andria.

♥ Dear Sari

Thank you so much for the reading. You don’t know how immensely your reading has helped me get over certain apprehensions that were killing me from within for quite some time and you cant imagine how much with all my heart I appreciate this effort of yours. I am so thankful to GOD to have made me come in contact with you I couldn’t thank you enough ever for bringing peace to my mind via your reading. S N—E-mail Tarot reading

♥ You were right about everything, 100% spot on, can you please help me with another question? P.H.—Logan.

♥ I really like the way you advise and very fortunate that I am in good hands. I am very grateful for your feedback and your advice, means a lot to me. E-mail reading.

♥ Sari, Thank you, thank you so much for your reading! Wow, I love your reading, so clear and so many details, very great!. V. N. Hunt

♥ Thank you so much, your words resonate with me, you have given me more assurance of what’s ahead. Bless you, muchly. (Tarot reading)

♥ Yes, I feel like I am going through a re-orientation in my life right now, and am needing to make a move to progress career wise / life wise / and emotionally not allow myself to stay in current state (not doing anything socially – this is slowly improving). Thanks Sari. Toni.

‘Did you receive your reading ok?’

♥ Certainly did thank you 🙂 I appreciate how quickly you came back to me, it helped to calm the nerves I was having about those topics. You were right about him too, I just need to relax and enjoy it. Kirsty.

♥ Hi,

Thanks mam, thanks a lot. May you live long and very famous in the world. God bless you. Zaini.

♥ Thanks a lot..I need some time to reading everything. I will try to go straight on my way and to develop my inside also to help others. Have a good life and shine. Giovanna.

♥ Yes, you were very helpful. Amazing I did exactly that. When I can I will contact you again. Have a wonderful day or the rest of your day. Many smiles. Sincerely, Jane.


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