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Business Success Signs in Hand Analysis

business success signs

Recognise Business Success from the hands.

Business success signs, in general, depend on the individuals’ ability to focus, learn, lead and take action. Many hand aspects can show these abilities. Regarding reading hands, it’s essential to understand that some indicators can contradict others. However, the following aspects shown in this article help recognise the characteristics of a business-minded person.

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The Thumb

The thumb has great significance in reading hands; you can glance at a person’s hand and quickly get a general idea of their energy, drive, and basic temperament. So the thumb is a crucial part of character awareness, especially when meeting someone for the first time. In most business or personal situations, people shake hands to introduce themselves. What a perfect opportunity to glance at the thumb! (Download the thumb reading ebook here).

As with most features, it is finding balance in proportion to itself, and its appearance on the hand is ideal—nothing too crude and nothing too small. A small thumb belongs to the daydreamer; a very low set thumb belongs to a worker’s hands; an extended thumb indicates strength of character. The thumb is an excellent aspect in attaining clues confirming other characteristics found on the hands.

Business Success Signs from the Thumb

A thumb, which opens to a wide angle, is mainly found on the low-set thumb and suggests a more open and giving nature. An angle that is 90 degrees is a hands-on worker. But if it is greater than 90 degrees, it denotes an overly flexible or reckless nature. A good angle is not too wide and not too narrow. The thumb tip should not be overly short but balanced compared to the second phalange. The whorl fingerprint is a good sign.

What to look for to see a businesslike personality:

  1. Looking at the fingers, especially the two middle fingers, they should have knotty joints, giving the appearance of swelling. The knotty fingers are a sign of shrewdness in financial matters (found in many successful business people).
  2. The phalanges between the fleshy parts of the finger joints should be even, revealing a well-balanced mind and personality.
  3. The phalanges on the thumb should also be even. If the tip of the thumb is noticeably shorter than the lower section, it shows a lack of willpower.
  4. The tips of the fingers are fairly thick and either round or squarish. The pointy-looking tips do not suit a businesslike mind.
  5. The ring finger should be a little longer than the index finger.
  6. The mount of Jupiter is well-developed.
  7. The hand shows general good health and firm mounts.
  8. The fingers are straight.
  9. There should be at least one ‘whorl’ fingerprint.
  10. The palm is square than narrow.

Business Success Signs and The Pinkie:

A long pinkie finger shows someone who can easily express themselves. These people can communicate well. One of their best attributes is social, influential, and very organised, with a good vocabulary and raw eloquence. It also means they are naturally good with money and do well in business, politics, science, education, and television or radio broadcasting. Writing, entertaining, and music often come naturally. Any subject requires being able to convey their knowledge or express themselves using words.

Thick Pinkie

A thick pinkie is rare. However, if it appears thicker than the rest of the fingers or abnormally large, it shows someone who may be rather talkative with a keen interest in business or money. These people are perfectionists and potentially very shrewd. It may also be a sign of a workaholic.

The lines that show business success signs

One central line is the rising line of Apollo (success line). A vertical line that begins low on the palm should clearly and distinctly rise into the mount of Apollo beneath the ring finger. It may also rise from the head line or the heart line. This line beneath the ring finger represents the arts, including fame and fortune. For this success line to show achievement, there must be a clear-cut and continuous line with a sharp definition. Two of these lines are very encouraging for a wealthy person. The hands of a business person often show the fate line (line of Saturn) and are almost always present. In many cases, there are two fate lines.

The head line should be clear and relatively free of flaws and breaks. A poorly formed head line might show a person who struggles to think straight. If there is a fork at the end of the line, it shows versatility. (Writer’s fork). The heart line, if curved, shows someone passionate about what they do and they put their emotion into their work. A straight heart line shows someone less likely to put their feelings into account when it comes to working.

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