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Boundaries – Your Spirit Guide Message

You chose the image of a kitten staring blankly. The Spirit guide message (part 1) is about ‘boundaries’. Love yourself enough to be able to say no when necessary. You might sincerely want to give service to others, but are you giving up yourself instead of ‘of yourself’? If you feel tired, guilty or resentful when helping others, you’re not helping them. Respect your own boundaries and become more assertive. People will still respect you. Don’t do things out of guilt or obligation.

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You might find that you’ve come to a dead end if you have given yourself boundaries. You lack the knowledge that only time and experience can acquire. Keep an optimistic attitude and let time be the deciding factor. Also, take time out to play, and don’t be afraid to spend money on pleasurable pursuits or enjoyable commodities.

(Part two) If you are worried about what to do, remember that decisions usually make themselves when the time is ready. What’s happening in your life will soon turn into something much better. This apparent havoc is the beginning of a new order destined to commence at this time, and if events had not convened in just this way, you’d still be where you were, and you would miss the turn of fortune that fate has in store for you.


Visualization can be done day or night anytime, as often as possible. Always think of your situation in the present state as if you already have it. Still affirm what you do want, not what you do not. You are creating something new in your life with a feeling of belief and faith.

  1. Consider something you might want to have or accomplish now or shortly.
  2. Get comfortable (sitting or lying down) in a quiet place.
  3. Breathe deeply and slowly and relax completely.
  4. Begin precisely to envision the thing you need or want.
  5. Envision yourself as entirely satisfied with your outcome or situation.
  6. Visualize it as if you were watching a mini-movie with you as the star.
  7. Keep the image still in your mind, and mentally make some positive affirmations, for example:
  • I have a wonderful happy life and the energy to keep it.
  • I am successful in what I do.
  • Everything I need and want is coming to me.
  • I am a loving person, and others are loving toward me.
  • My relationship with (name) is growing happier every day.
  • I have lots of creative ideas, and I enjoy everything I do.

Claim Your Power

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About the author: Sari Puhakka, expert hand analyst, writer, and artist. Sari has been studying hands for over 36 years. Destiny Palmistry is her second published book. She is originally from Toijala, Finland. Born in 1967. She emigrated to Sydney Australia in 1977 with her parents and three sisters. In 1996, she became a mother of four children residing in Queensland Australia. Sari initially wrote a motivational book ‘Claim Your Power‘ and began reading palms and cards as a hobby, now she holds workshops to teach hand analysis and attends events for readings.

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