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Angel Guide Message is Patience

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Angel Guide Message

You are drawn to the image of the sun and the sea, which gives you two angel guide messages today.

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One is that you have a guardian, and you and the people you love are safe. The angels are watching you, and your needs will be met. The worst is behind you. Don’t think what you’re doing is not worth the effort; don’t fear that it won’t work out. Things are looking good, and the effort you have put in will bring you success. Your second message is ‘patience’. You are just starting, so give yourself a chance and be patient.

Angel guide message details: Like the rising sun, you are getting ready to open into the world. Don’t rush progress; instead, enjoy learning new skills or knowledge. Nurture your body with lots of fresh air, water and healthy food. Soon you will get a sign telling you it’s time to put your knowledge into action. In the meantime, you will succeed in some areas. Avoid dwelling on the negative side of things. Don’t allow an inconsistent or indecisive mindset to get the upper hand. Use positive thoughts and count your ‘wins’ no matter how small.

Thank you, I hope you got some help from this angel guide message. Psychic readings by Sari.

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You do not have to wish to be a “psychic” to benefit from having the intuitive ability. This ability can help you in many ways once you understand it. Meditation is the first step in this development.

If your intuition feels entirely blocked and meditating hard, you may need to go to a peaceful, quiet place. Also, if you meditate at night, the moon is very calming and has been known to help people connect with their inner selves.

You might love the warmth of the sun and the sunlight shimmering on the water or brightly coloured flowers and gardens, then choose a sunny day to visit your place of peace. Once you have absorbed all that peaceful energy, it is easier to return to it in your memory the next time you meditate.

If going out is too complicated, you can find your sanctuary within your home. You can set your garden or patio to feel like you are escaping it all.

You could even adopt a part of your home indoors for your personal space. It does not have to be a whole room, just a small corner space.

First, follow these simple steps:

  • First, remove any clutter and make the area free from dust and open the window if there is one. Have as much nature around you as possible.
  • You need a comfortable place to sit. If you do not have a table and chair, you can create a space on the floor with a cloth, pillows or blankets.
  • Turn off unnecessary noise, and cover up the computer or television.
  • If you are outside and have pets, make sure they are busy (chewing a bone or something). Pets are usually like children, and you may struggle to meditate with them trying to get your attention. 

The following items are optional for your personal space but can be an excellent focus for psychic practice.

  • Flowers, herbs or living plants in pots.
  • A psychic journal for keeping notes on ideas, a record of your development, and any readings you may do for yourself or others.
  • Candles (See the colour section and use the appropriate tone to your needs).
  • Statues or pictures of angels or power animals such as the elephant, horse or eagle.
  • Have tools such as tarot cards, crystals, and a pendulum.
  • If you like to paint or draw, then your easel, paints, brushes, and pens.

Painting and drawing can help you to open channels to visualize images and make hearing your intuition easier. It does not matter what you paint; any picture works with your imagination.

If you have a mental block, take a photo or a picture in a magazine and make your version of it in a painting. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy doing it.

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