Long Fingers Reveal a Lot About You

Long fingers – Palmistry

Long fingers, whether long compared to the palm or with a long palm, reveals someone who is more mentally than physically active. Technical, slow-moving and slow talking, their mind is the driving force for their life purpose; carefully seeing every option with their suspicious mind.

If together with a square palm (noticeably shorter palm than fingers):

    • With an eye and mind for detail, they cautiously and deliberately ensure a well-done job; although they may get pre-occupied with their ideas or beliefs.
    • The combination of patience, fussiness and the ability to communicate, these people make good teachers, business people, writers, accountants, and bookkeepers; They excel in any field that requires precise accuracy.
    • Almost everything they do is deliberate and thoughtful.
    • Due to their observational skills, they are watchful and careful.
    • Their slow style makes them patient and easy going.
    • They can have a long memory.
    • They can be cowardly, uncompassionate or cold.
    • Their feelings are easily hurt, especially in a water hand, (a thin, elongated hand).

More about Long fingers.

  • The long fingers depict someone who is mentally active, logical, intelligent, patient with a love of detail.
  • They like to think things through themselves.
  • Tend to be very inquisitive and eager to please, they make good students.
  • Prefer to keep busy mentally with thoughts and ideas with constant variety and change.
  • Communication and technology are of interest to them, and they are often up to date with the latest technology.
  • Many have the talent in vocal or literary fields.
  • A suitable career for them would be in journalism, teaching or something that involves intellectual activities because they may become restless or bored without the mental stimulation.
  • The emotional side of their life may be difficult to experience; they feel more comfortable talking about their feelings rather than showing them.

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