Wheel of Change and Fortune is Your Blessing

Wheel of Change and Fortune is Your Blessing in Disguise

The image you chose is the wheel of change, which means that the focus is probably on controversial matters, conflicts of interest, unexpected or unforeseen developments that change your plans or alter your course, important news or information, and an idea whose time has come.

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If you are questioning romance, someone from your past might return, but you will be undecided about the relationship or how it will go.  Your moods may fluctuate, so you must try to control your emotions. A negative condition is going to end, followed by a decision.

Workwise, the wheel of change can mean that your work might be unsatisfactory, and new elements will make it necessary to effect changes or make new arrangements. You might feel worried that your resources are dwindling, but some significant news will shed new light on the issue.

Special Guidance

The wheel of change tells us that whether you see it coming or not, a problematic situation will end through luck. A new cycle in your affairs is about to commence, followed by the arrival of some essential news or information, and you will make permanent changes in business or health, a change for the better. Whatever the case, the keyword here is ‘change of direction’.

Situations might be out of your control, but you will be grateful that a negative condition has finally ended. Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to commence. So, what’s happening in your life will soon become much better. Any apparent havoc is actually the beginning of a new order. This new order was destined to commence at this time, and if events had not convened in just this way, you’d still be where you were, and you would miss the turn of fortune that fate has in store for you.

The best course of action

Don’t get stuck on plans. Letting things go the way they will bring good fortune. Love and Light <3

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