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Spirit Guide Message For You

Endings and Beginnings.

Your spirit guide message is about endings and beginnings. The old must be released so that the new can enter. Don’t fear what appears to be a change or a loss. It’s only a transitional phase of energy with you and your loved ones. Your current changes are for the best, keep your thoughts positive as they are very powerful. Let the past go. What you are experiencing is a clash between the old and the new, a chemical reaction in mind, body and affairs caused by a reaction to a new action. There is nothing to fear, it’s apart of the process and without it, a change could not occur.

With the help of ~ Goddess Guidance Oracle by Doreen Virtue.

Why would you need intuitive guidance?

Most people who are interested in this kind of help, hope for real answers and feel they need support in their situation usually because their own intuitive mind is closed off.

What can I help you with? Relationship questions? Career? You can ask me anything.

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About the author: Sari Puhakka, expert hand analyst, writer, and artist. Sari has been studying hands for over 30 years. Destiny Palmistry is her second published book. She is originally from Toijala, Finland. Born in 1967. She emigrated to Sydney Australia in 1977 with her parents and three sisters. Since 1996, she became a mother to four children, currently residing in Queensland Australia. Sari initially wrote a motivational book and began reading palms and cards as a hobby, now she holds workshops to teach hand analysis and attends events for readings.

Spirit guide message Customer feedback:

♥ Good Morning Sari.
I just want to thank you for being beside me for many years 🙂 My faith in you is far beyond. I remember my reading back in 2010, you were so accurate and proved my entire family wrong who kept doubting me. So many things you predicted, I hold you close to my heart forever more. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Love and light shine through you, Sari. One in a million you are :). Gratitude fulfilled Xxx. C. T. Qld.

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