Psychic message today is Transformation

Psychic message:

You are undergoing immense change right now, which brings tremendous blessings.

This is a three-part psychic message: Firstly, as you go through this period of change, to bring the desired new phase into your life, you must first allow the past to fade away. Do not fear these changes, and give thanks for this renewed life! Embrace the lessons you have learned and let them go. Your prayers are being answered. You will get what you want, and your affairs align with heaven. Pray or ask for what is rightfully yours and continue applying yourself. Don’t forget to have a rest as well.

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Secondly, you might be challenged to make something manifest, and you will now or very soon have the opportunity. You have authority, and you should have control. Make plans for the future. If you are concerned about work, you will discuss contractual agreements, profit sharing or other management-type changes. Luck will be with you in material affairs or employment matters. Accept what’s coming your way, and don’t delay.

Thirdly, Maybe regarding relationships, you are unwilling to move forward, or there are obstacles to the union. Maybe your heart belongs to someone else, or there is a threat of competition. Be honest with yourself, as right now, you might stay non-committed or guarded until you see which way the ball will bounce.

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Customer feedback

♥ Good Morning Sari.
I want to thank you for being beside me for many years 🙂 My faith in you is far beyond. I remember my reading back in 2010. You were accurate and proved my entire family wrong, who kept doubting me. So many things you predicted. I hold you close to my heart forevermore. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Love and light shine through you, Sari. One in a million you are :). Gratitude fulfilled Xxx. C. T. Qld.

About the author:

Sari Puhakka, expert hand analyst, writer, and artist. Sari has been studying hands for over 36 years. Destiny Palmistry is her second published book. She is originally from Toijala, Finland. Born in 1967. She moved to Sydney, Australia, in 1977 with her parents and three sisters. Now living in Queensland, Australia. Sari initially wrote a book, “Claim Your Power,” and began reading palms and cards as a hobby. Now she holds workshops to teach hand analysis and attends events for readings.

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