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Palmistry Line That Show Your Strengths

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A palmistry line which shows how your mind works

The first palmistry line a person typically looks at on the palm is the line of life. It is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount of Venus (the ball of the thumb), reaching somewhere near the wrist. The line of life is not an indicator of longevity. What it does reveal, however, is the quality of your life.

Major lines

To find which character trait is someone’s strongest, you need to look to the other major lines. Most palms have the major lines; a heart line, a line of the head (or Simian line) and the life line. Although some hand readers also like to refer to the Saturn and Apollo lines as major ones. The reason I do not is that they are not always in everyone’s hands, along with the fact that they are most likely to change along with the person’s circumstances.

Too many lines?

A hand full of fine lines shows an emotional person who often worries about too many things. Their energies might be all over the place and their mind doesn’t ever really switch off. The habit of fretting and absorbing other people’s energies is common. I always recommend meditation or other relaxing activities. For these types, it is usually their heart line which is the strongest, showing an emotional mind. Therefore, their strength then is being able to understand and sympathise with others. Their weakness is allowing other people’s feelings to affect themselves.

The palmistry line of head and heart

If the head line is clear and free of islands, chains, crossbars etc, then it is likely the best line. A perfect line fo head shows the strength of the mind. It shows that the individual is practical and rational in their thinking. Their strength is being able to focus on whatever subject they want. However, if the heart line appears chained, it shows nervous energy on the emotional side. The mind might choose to ‘not’ feel steady emotions. Relationships might not come as easy as other things in life. A clean, well-etched line of the heart shows an emotionally strong and stable personality. Their strength is being emotionally available to others whilst staying strong in themselves. These types know how to love and care about others.

When there is no line of head or heart, but instead a Simian line, often the Simian line is the most prominent on the palm. The person’s strength is being able to be singleminded and determined. Their stubbornness is their strength. However, if the line is full of islands and crossbars, then it shows a weakness in the mind and emotions.

Excerpt from Life and Destiny Palmistry copyright.

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