The Middle Finger Strengths and Weaknesses

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The middle finger in palmistry is called the Saturn finger. This finger can show much about your strengths. It can also show your weaknesses. It represents certain characteristics such as common sense, duty, and mental awareness of tradition. Mainly, it shows our attitude to authority. It is far from the emotional aspect of the character.

When the middle finger is a normal length, the index and ring fingers reach about halfway up the top phalange. The long finger usually stands out well, as does a short one.

middle finger length palmistry

If you have the extended middle finger, you will have many Saturnine qualities which can overrule emotions. It is especially so if there is a long thumb as well. Ideally, the finger should be the longest on the hand. But, If it appears abnormally long, the person might find it hard to fit in with the overly emotional types. A strong middle finger looks neither thin nor short.

If the middle finger is short, it shows the person is unconventional, more careless and probably lacks a sense of responsibility. They can be disorganised, stressful and get bored quickly. On the positive side, their mind-set is creative, inventive and a little eccentric.

The strengths of a strong middle finger are:

  • Being responsible
  • Obeying the law
  • Disciplined
  • Practical
  • Wise
  • Mature
  • Serious-minded
  • Hard-working

What if the finger is curved?

A curved middle finger is common. But, it rarely curves towards the index finger. If it curves towards the ring finger, it can denote similar qualities of the short one. They might have things they want to do but are restricted somehow. It’s possible that they know they have talent but just can’t seem to be able to ‘show it off’. The reasons for this could be due to family obligations, guilt, finances or just a fear of being and showing themselves to others.

If the middle finger seems to cling to the ring finger when the hand is held open, the person enjoys being creative. If it clings to the index finger, it shows ambition and extrovert qualities; the career is important to them.

What about the phalanges?

Ideally, on any finger, the phalanges should be around equal in size. It is common for the top phalanges to be the shortest. If overall, the tip phalanges are the longest, the subject is intellectual and potentially spiritual. This type of person is proud of their intellect and considers himself higher than other beings. However, anything overly exaggerated will change the meaning. A full and fleshy fingertip compared to the other phalanges gives perfectionist tendencies.

The first phalange

If the middle finger has a long top phalange, it shows a serious nature, maybe one who is somewhat of a prude, but very law-abiding with a sensitive conscience. They may have an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. If it happens to be exceedingly long, it displays melancholy, negative thinking or a superstitious mind.

When all the top phalanges appear stout or puffy, it defines someone who may be somewhat compulsive or even fanatical. They need to know everything and tend to be pushy or interfering when it is not necessary. However, the other facet of this feature is that they usually have the high mental energy and tend to work hard, perhaps rather good with their hands.

A short first phalange here portrays someone who may not have an appreciation for their state of affairs or spirituality. They may find fault with it all, but at the same time, they still have a seemingly laid-back attitude. They do not like responsibility. While they can be original in their ideas, they can be impulsive with money, but otherwise a calm and gentle nature.

If the top phalanges are thin, much of what they perceive is dream-like as they have a sensitive, idealistic and slightly mystical nature. They are fussy in their taste of fashion, food and all things material. Concern for their appearances is of high importance, and if insulted, they get offended easily. I would describe someone with very pointed fingertips as starry-eyed and unrealistic of the world, which may show as a disinterest in society. Some could appear eccentric (the woman with twenty cats).

The middle (2nd) phalange

The middle phalanges characterise the region of mental capacity and how much strength is in the area of rational thought and logic (to put ideas into action). If the middle phalanges are the longest, it shows an organised and studious character. A thick second phalange shows a real ability for agricultural or technical matters.

Saturn is all about responsibility and authority, so if the middle finger has a long 2nd phalange, it is the sign of a natural investigator, a leader, and decision-maker. Mentally they take things very seriously, they assume the responsibility and have superior self-control.

When the middle phalanges appear shorter than average, the mind or attitude may be somewhat laid-back with a lack of interest in mental pursuits. They tend to be disorganised or impractical. They will tend to waste time and not enjoy learning. On the middle finger, it is not a favourable sign as it depicts someone who lacks leadership skills and has no interest in any science; they have a lazy mind.

The third (base) phalange

An extended base phalange here shows someone who is orderly, self-disciplined and neat. They are sensitive to appearances and prefer to dress well (uniform). However, if it is exceptionally long, it characterises greed or selfishness.

A short phalange describes one who has no attachment to material possessions or places. They are a minimalist and unlikely to stay in one place for long, including their job. If short and fleshy, they are eccentric. If it is thin, there is a lack of concern for material things in life and in keeping up with what everyone else is doing.

A thick base phalange of Saturn shows materialism and self-indulgence, but with an outgoing and socially dignified nature.

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