Daily Guidance Today is About Fairness

Daily Guidance


You have chosen the peaceful image of a sailboat on a sunny day. Thank you for coming here today. You have two important messages today. Your first daily guidance message is about fairness – The situation you are in will be handled fairly and justly. Trust in the wisdom of the greater good. Surrender your bond to a fixed outcome and direct your will toward the resolution of the argument.

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Hold a firm vision of a peaceful outcome and let the pieces calmly fall into place. You will be treated fairly, and the dispute will end harmoniously. If you are in for a struggle, don’t worry, you will succeed in some areas, and while you may get what you want, it might be in a different way than you first thought. If God or the universe wants you to do something, he will give you the desire and power to do it.

The second part of your message is like the moored sailboat; you need to spend more time near the water to recharge your batteries. Water has curative effects and can wash away sadness, pain, or suffering. Drink more water. You might want to walk near the water, take a holiday near the ocean, swim, take a bath, or even move to a home situated closer to a body of water.

~ Daily Guidance With the help of Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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