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Daily angel message – Sorceress / Sorcerer

Daily angel message today: You have chosen the image of the green frog sitting comfortably on a lady’s arm. The frog is not afraid, just like you shouldn’t be afraid. You have two other messages today. One is that you can manifest your hopes into reality. You have spent too much time indoors, and it is time to recover your personal power by simply stepping outside. Allow the light of the sun or the moon and stars to empower your memories and dreams.

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Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear. Don’t let conditions, appearances, or what others say to sway you or cause you to veer from your ideal. What you want is right under your nose, waiting to be discovered.

The second part of the message is that you should try to be thoughtful and sensible. Make time for the people around you and deal with the challenges in a kind and understanding manner. Remember to spend time with other people because you have much to give.

More about your message

Be thankful for all you have or that you have been given. Steer clear of negative thoughts or influences. Allowing for weakness can be disastrous because it will undermine all your work. It is easy to have hope. If you have faith and the drive to succeed, you can have it all. The discovery of your true self is the start of something splendid.



Your dreams say a lot about what is going on in your life and possibly someone else’s. Pay attention to them, especially the vivid, loud dreams, and they are the easiest way to tune into your intuition because you are asleep. Some dreams represent our repressed unconscious needs from our conscious awareness. If we can understand what they mean, our subconscious may help us deal with our day-to-day life.

  • Your dreams can provide insight into your relationships or situations; they can bring healing and help you resolve problems.
  • Recurring dreams are trying to draw your attention to a long-standing issue that needs addressing.
  • Nightmares shock you into recognizing your stress and what may be causing it.
  • Often your dreams warn of your issues, whether it be health, your job or a dangerous situation ahead of you or someone close to you.
  • Think about what you are dreaming about and try to analyse the thought to match what is going in your life.
  • If there is a recognizable colour, use the shade guide in this book to see what it might signify.
  • People and animals in dreams symbolize our behaviour and attitude, so it is essential to acknowledge their actions and behaviour of them and relate it to your situation. 

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