Daily Angel Message Sorceress / Sorcerer

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Daily angel message – Sorceress / Sorcerer

Daily angel message today: You can manifest your hopes into reality. You have spent too much time indoors, recover your personal power by simply stepping outside. Allow the light of the sun or the moon and stars to empower your memories and dreams. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear. Don’t let conditions, appearances, or what others have to say sway you or cause you to veer from your ideal. What you want is right under your nose, just waiting to be discovered. Be thankful for all that you do have or that which you have been given and steer clear of negative thoughts or influences. Allowing for weakness can be disastrous in that it will undermine all the work you’ve done. It is easy to have hope. If you have faith and drive, you can have it all. “The discovery of your true self is the start of something splendid.”

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What do your hands say about you?
Learning to read hands can be the start of an awesome journey of finding more about yourself and others. Your true potential and hidden traits can prepare you for success in achieving future goals, career, relationships, family, health and more.

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Sari Puhakka, expert hand analyst, writer, and artist. Sari has been studying hands for over 34 years. Destiny Palmistry is her second book. She is originally from Toijala, Finland. Born in 1967. She moved to Sydney Australia in 1977 with her parents and three sisters. Now living in Brisbane, Australia. Sari initially wrote a book “Claim Your Power” and began reading palms and cards as a hobby, now she holds workshops to teach hand analysis and attends events for readings. See the website for more www.destinypalmistry.com

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