Character Awareness No.1 Honesty

Character Awareness

Character awareness: Finding a trustworthy life partner or choosing the right staff for your business can be a difficult task, but one of the most vital characteristics of a partner or an employee would have to be honesty. No one wants to feel exploited, especially when feelings are concerned. A business owner doesn’t wish to hire someone who might steal or lie to benefit their desires. Unfortunately, in most circumstances when hiring staff, it’s not possible to see the palms of a potential employee, but there are signs of the shape of their hands which may give clues. Shaking their hand will also give you a feel of their skin texture and consistency. The positive signs, to look for, are;

  • Straight fingers and even phalanges.
  • A firm handshake and dry skin.
  • The first sign of a potentially deceitful nature is crooked fingers (as long as they are not distorted as the result of an accident).
  • When the Mercury finger (pinkie) is curved inwards like a claw, it shows a natural liar.
  • Someone with a very waisted thumb may do anything to raise his or her status, including anything illegal; an even shaped thumb is best, especially if they have a responsibility for your accounts.
  • The fingertip and nail on the thumb are best if square.
  • The Saturn finger (middle finger) needs to be of average length; a short finger of Saturn is a sign of someone who doesn’t care much for rules and may prefer to socialize instead of getting the job done.
  • A spongy or soggy feel to the palm can also depict dishonesty or laziness.



1. Square palm with short fingers.

2. Square palm with long fingers.

3. Rectangle palm with short fingers.

4. Rectangle palm with long fingers.

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