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Palm Prints – The Not So Funny Loop

loop of seriousness, palm prints

Palm Prints – The Loop of Seriousness

When I first became curious about reading palms, I had no idea that fingerprints and palm prints (ridges) could have so much significance in studying our personality. However, analysing these patterns have become a prevalent part of hand reading in modern-day palmistry.

For over five centuries of observation and study of genetic medicine, psychology and brain science, scientists have proof that examination of the character from the fingerprints is possible. I believe that understanding your nature is the ultimate way to enrich your life and the prints and palm ridge patterns are without a doubt a great place to begin.

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific term used to describe the skin ridges, more commonly known as finger and palm prints. These prints are not only used in forensic analysis but also in medical research to try to recognise specific abnormalities or disorders.

Loops are the usual patterns we see on the palms, but most people will only have one or two.

The Not So Funny ‘Loop of Seriousness’

The loop-shaped palm prints, called loop of seriousness, also the loop of common sense, is a typical pattern on the palm, and the name it has describes the person well.

These people are ambitious, career orientated and responsible. They nearly  always have some purpose in mind. Even if found on one who prefers not to pursue a career, he or she would get much enjoyment from hard work.

So, basically, work is their fun, or they enjoy working. If invited to a party or event, they would rather do something ‘practical’ and serious, like work. The work can be something like a renovation, a creative project or maintenance or something; Not necessarily paid work or a job.

Also, it shows someone who doesn’t like practical jokes. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humour. It’s just that they see practical jokes as cruel and annoying.

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