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Markings on the Life Line of the Palm

dual personality from the palm lines


The life line on the palm is the crease that wraps around the ball of the thumb. It is one of the major lines and usually the first line we look at during a palm reading. This line can have markings that help us pinpoint events or situations in life.

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When dealing with markings on the major lines, study all other marks in the hands to compare the main lines simultaneously. Also, check the appearance of the line, which immediately follows the mark. If the line is clear, then the problem is temporary. If the other lines show similar indications, taking preventative action should see these marks disappear when situations improve.

Almost all horizontal markings on the life line, such as crossbars, stars, and slashes, are classed as harmful interference or obstacles. A hand with many of these lines belongs to those with nervous energy. They are sensitive to everything around them. They worry a lot and possibly look for problems where there may be none.

A hand with very few lines belong to those who rarely fuss and are not significantly affected by emotions. A broad and unblemished line describes an unobstructed life path for someone who rarely diverts from or allows anything or anyone to change them or distract their journey.

So, the markings, no matter what they look like, indicate interruptions to life. These interruptions do not have to be negative. They can and often are positive changes or life events, such as having children or getting married. Starting a new kind of life at any age can interrupt career, hobbies, friends, family and even the general outlook on life. These changes, in turn, can make their mark in the palm of our hand, especially on the life line.


A dot, spot or tiny indentation can represent a period of trauma or stress. (Note that a mole is different from a dot). Depending on where the dot appears gives clues to how it affects the health, emotions or mental state. These marks are rare and usually temporary, especially if it is reddish. If the dot is dark, such as grey, brown or black, it is more likely to be a permanent marking indicating a more profound experience or incident.


Lines that appear like small branches indicate positive events such as marriage, completing an education or study, promotion in a job, or improved financial status. Having many of these lines can reveal a person who has a dynamic nature and is a go-getter.


Short fine lines which droop downward off the inside of the life line usually indicate a loss of energy or upsetting circumstances. If they appear tasselled or feathered towards the end of the line, it is a sign of weariness and a warning not to overdo things: the longer line, the more significant the loss or change.

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