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Knotted Fingers That Show a Sceptic

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Palmistry uses specific terms for the fingers and hand shapes. As for the knotted fingers, it is the visible knuckles that give it the name, either on the top, middle or both joints. The visible knuckles can be a sign of certain conditions, like arthritis. But if not, the knuckles show the character and the person’s history. It’s also possible to read the knuckle wrinkles.

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The visible knuckles represent someone who is rarely sentimental or emotional since they use the head rather than the heart in their way of thinking. Imagine that the knuckle functions like a speed bump where thoughts get slowed down for consideration. Hence, speech and assessments of the issues at hand may be slower (but always well thought out). Don’t expect them to quickly answer you when you’ve asked them something because they always like to think about it first.

If the top knuckle protrudes, the meaning is intensified

  • When the first joint (top knuckle) is visible, it represents the rational system and intelligence, giving a philosophical outlook.
  • The second joint serves the material form and order.
  • When both knuckles protrude, you have someone who is very sceptical, especially if with square fingertips.
  • If with spatulate tips or bulbous fingertips, they can be very obstinate; it is not easy to convince them of anything without hard evidence.
  • If there is a lot of loose wrinkly skin on the knuckle, it can suggest the person has had a hard life, or that they tend to work hard.
image of knotted fingers in palmistry by Sari Puhakka

Knotted fingers and the elderly

I expect to see knotted fingers in the elderly, and most of the time, the palmistry meaning won’t apply to them. If the top knuckle protrudes under the nail, I would consider the knotted fingers in the personality. In that case, the person might have gradually become more critical and obstinate. The good thing is that they have learned to look before they leap and don’t like rushing into anything. Often, they keep much of their thoughts to themselves. They can be thoughtful, but you might not know whether they like you.

The Knuckles

The skin on the knuckles varies from person to person. Often the knotted fingers have more loose skin, and the smooth fingers have less, giving them a less wrinkled look. Some knuckles are puffy and round, and others look indented like doughnuts. A few years ago, I read about the meaning of a star on the knuckle on the thumb. It got me curious about knuckle reading because I studied the thumb lines. Until then, I didn’t much consider the other side of the hand other than the skin texture and fingernails. (See my article about knuckle reading here).

What about smooth fingers?

Smooth fingers have no protruding knuckles and the sides of the finger appear even, without bulges. Mainly found in young people, but when they belong to an adult, it shows someone who has had an easy life. They are guided by the impulse of their heart, not the reasoning of the mind. See the video about the size of fingers meaning.

  • The smooth fingers show someone more emotional and spontaneous nature compared to one with knotted fingers.
  • They do not see a need to slow down to analyse when making decisions but instead make up their mind fast.
  • Act on their inspiration and tend to rely on their intuitive impressions.
  • When they speak (unlike the knotted fingers), words flow effortlessly as their thoughts run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Because their first impressions direct them, they are agreeable and pleasant to be around.
  • They see and appreciate beauty and art, but to be successful, they require some features that add reasoning qualities such as a big thumb, preferably with a square tip.
  • Looks and a sense of dress are usually necessary to them.
  • Short fingers that also happen to be smooth belong to those who are quick-thinking but can lack patience for details, preferring to take the shorter route wherever possible.
  • Soft and flabby skin and small thumb, they need to practice their determination to succeed.
  • If with conic or pointed tips, they are idealistic and artistic.
  • With square tips, the impulsiveness has more sound quality.

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