Heart Line and Emotions in Palmistry

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The Heart Line – Are you emotionally in control?

The heart line is the uppermost horizontal line on the palm; it represents how people express their feelings and attitudes towards relationships.

The basics of reading this line are the same as the head and life lines; that is by looking at its length, depth, and quality. The deepness of the line displays the depth of feeling. So, a curved line indicates emotion while a straight line shows control.

An ideal line would be gently curved and end somewhere between the index and middle finger. If it also has a fork at the end, the person would have a naturally optimistic view in relationships; they have a balance between what’s ideal and what’s practical. The heart line should also have a matching, equally well-formed head line.

A curved heart line

A line that rises between the index and middle fingers shows a passionate nature. These types show their feelings through action and they know what they want. They tend to get what they want too, but watch out if the head line is poorly formed because their actions might not have proper reasoning or logic.

passionate heart line type

A straight and short heart line

A straight and short line depicts a self-focused nature and a lack of emotional warmth. They might not easily share their feelings.

A straight and long heart line

The straight and long heart line might be one that stretches completely across the palm. These lines are called the Suwon lines and can depict stubbornness. You can read more about the Suwon crease here.


In some rare instances, a double heart line occurs on the palm. The extra line supports the heart line and strengthens the emotions. It is an excellent sign to have. It shows physical strength, kindness, devotion and someone who is a good provider. These people (strangely) might have a love for animation, or they themselves are animated in nature.

double heart line meaning, heart line,

Markings on the heart line.

Most heart lines on people are not flawless and regularly exhibit branches and markings. That’s because many people are sensitive to feelings. A rising branch can show happy times and drooping lines disappointments. A dot, like a dark dent on the line, can point to sudden emotional or physical trauma.

A break in the line can also suggest past emotional trauma, but in most cases, it depicts the character as someone who is constantly unsure about how they feel. One minute they might make an emotional decision, and the next, they’ll change their mind.

The flawless heart line

I imagine if there were a perfect heart line with no flaws, it would show that the emotional experiences of the person’s life would not affect them deeply, possibly having an insensitive and unsympathetic nature.

broken heart line, palmistry line

Where it sits on the palm can add to the meaning of this line.

When the line sits high (closer to the base of the fingers) the person is open-minded, but experiences regarding the emotions can be somewhat unrealistic. This type may require constant support from his/her partner.

A line that sits lower down closer to the head line, suggests an introspective personality because it shows caution about love. But also with the aid of reason and a realistic (but sometimes intolerant) approach to relationships. The emotions may lie deeper under the surface, and it may be difficult to express them.

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