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Healing With Colour Techniques

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Healing With Colour

We all react to colour in some way. It can help to determine our mood and aid with healing. When I first practised healing on myself, it was to help me get over depression and have better relationships. My life took on a new meaning, and I was finally motivated to change. Healing with colour can have an amazing effect on your mind and emotions.

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You can use colours in your surroundings anytime you feel some area of your life needs improvement. An example of this could be using pale blue or pink in a bathroom to help release stress and tension after a hard day.

You can use colour for healing in many ways. Changing the colour of your furnishings, tablecloths, pillows, lounge covers, curtains, bed linen etc. You can even add colour using flowers, candles, mats or clothes.

Which colour is best for you?

Remember to use colours that get you feeling good, so if a colour is a turn-off for you, use your ingenuity to replace it, for instance, by using covers, throws or lights. Placing a light above or near the item can brighten or change its look.

Pastel green in a family room or breakfast room can prevent conflict. It is calming and can help with decision-making. Lovely healthy indoor plants can bring some green energy without changing your furniture.

Using candles can help when you have a wish or question. Light the appropriate coloured candle, ask your question and say an affirmation about your situation. As you blow the flame out, imagine that your answer comes to you in the future. You can also meditate while focusing on the candle.

Colour meanings

For the complete colour descriptions, see the ebook here.

Red – is about physical energy, excitement, and warmth; used for a sudden change and passion, power, fertility, and menstrual or sexual problems.

Yellow depicts happiness and joy; it helps you stay mentally and visually active and maintains your intellect.

White has an active vibration in all types of healing. It helps you stay clear-minded, safe, quiet and pure. Suitable for new beginnings and new ideas.

Black is for sophistication, protection, and mystery. It is a colour that absorbs harmful vibrations, pressure, tension, injury or dysfunction. It banishes guilt, sadness or regrets.

Pink is the colour of love, joy, and enthusiasm that helps keep you calm. It is the colour of compassion and unconditional love. It can be ideal for mending quarrels in relationships, trust after betrayal, and new love.

Blue is a pure colour best for meditation, truth, and serenity of the spirit and to help you become a more caring person.

Purple is an intense healing colour. For mysticism, clairvoyance or spiritual development and aligning the spirit with the body.

Brown is a colour to help you be more down-to-earth or practical. It can also be sensual or for older relations, the home, property, security, or financial matters.


Using colours in your life and visualising them as fields of energy (inner light and your aura) can strengthen healing powers. To heal your body of aches, you can place your hands on the area that needs healing and visualise the light of colour under your hand. However, please see your doctor if you are suffering any unusual pain. You may require other treatment or advice. 


  • To begin your meditation, lie or sit down somewhere comfortable and quiet.
  • Meditating helps to rid yourself of negativity and excess energy. So visualise yourself in peaceful surroundings.
  • Begin visualising the area you wish to heal and use colour to represent the pain or the spot to be treated, such as black or grey.
  • Then imagine your inner light for healing as a colour (white, pale blue, lilac or violet is good). Envision this inner light from a higher power, whether in your hands or within yourself.
  • Continue to imagine your inner light becoming brighter and moving the light over the area to be healed. If you prefer, you may place your hands on the area.
  • Gradually have the healing colour take over and dispel the other colour.
  • Envision the light spreading over the whole body to balance and harmonise all the energies within you.
  • Affirm your healing, and the pain or infection ‘is gone.’
  • Do not go back to the original colour chosen for the area; each time you do the healing in the same spot, use only the healing colour.
  • From now on, visualise that you are completely healthy and happy.

After you have completed the healing, spend a few moments feeling centred and balanced, and make an affirmative statement or prayer and a long stretch before you get up.

If you want to learn more, see the book: Claim Your Power, the complete book.

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