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Hand Shape – Which One Reveals The Real You?

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Which Hand Shape fits Your Character?

Each of us has unique hand features, and your hand shape actually reveals your innate character. In palmistry, it is crucial to know these basic shapes in order to give an accurate analysis of the other features.

palmistry hand meanings

The energy we use can be seen in various areas of the hand, and we can do so by visually dividing it into four parts; mind, body, conscious and subconscious. The left and right sides, and top and bottom. If these regions are relatively equal in size and weight, it shows a balance of the psyche and general approach to life.

The Hand Shape as a Whole

One of the standard methods for assessing the form of the hand is by using the four astrological elements. They are, water, fire, earth and air. This system uses the size and length of the fingers and palm.

It does not, however, mean that the person has the same astrological sign but indicates the personality type is like the related elements. These elements represent the practical type, feeling type, the thinking type and intuitive type.

It helps to understand these groups if you already have some knowledge of astrology. Very often, there is a mixture of these factors. If so, a combination of the qualities is used together to form an understanding.

Compare your hand shape and click on the image to read more.

Note: It is possible to belong to more than one category. If so, read the summary for both shapes.

earth hand, hand shape

thick hand, earth hand, hand shape

hand sjhape, fire hand,

hand shape, narrow hand, water hand

air hand shape, palmistry hand analysis

If your hand doesn’t come close to any of these, maybe you might like to watch a video about hand shapes instead? Click here to go to my channel

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