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Finger Phalanges Meaning in Palmistry

finger phalanges

The segments of the fingers, separated by the crease marks, are termed finger phalanges. These sections can vary and depend on their length or thickness; they can reveal strengths or weaknesses in the area they represent.

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In palmistry, the size of the sections plays a vital role in hand reading. The finger phalanges that are most likely to vary in size are the (base) third phalanges. This article is an excerpt from Life and Destiny Palmistry.

To distinguish a long, short, thin or thick phalange, compare them with the first, second and third. If all phalanges are equal, whether short or long, they are not particularly remarkable; it shows the balance of the mind and body. However, the top phalanges are usually a little shorter than the rest.

The first (top) finger phalanges

The top phalanges are generally slightly shorter than the middle and base ones, so it is easy to recognise a long top phalange, such as in the example of the Mercury finger in this picture. They represent the area of your mind concerning psychic intuition, perception, and spirit; how you observe things in your head.

finger phalanges

If all the top phalanges are long, compared to the middle and lower ones, the intellect from an intuitive perspective plays a significant role in thinking. A full and fleshy fingertip compared to the other phalanges gives perfectionist tendencies.

Puffy looking fingertips

When all the top phalanges appear stout or puffy, it defines someone who may be somewhat compulsive or even fanatical. (Possible sign of alcoholism). Personality-wise, they tend to want to know everything and or interfere when it is not necessary. However, the other facet of this feature is that they usually have high mental energy and tend to work hard, perhaps doing things rather well with their hands. They might also have a good grip, such as for a sportsperson or mechanic.

Spatulate fingertips

When the fleshy tips are spatulate, they are independent and somewhat restless with obsessive inclinations. They can see the big picture and make skilled artisans, engineers, mechanics or athletes, a basketball player, for instance, as the game necessitates a good grip.

Thin top phalanges

If the top phalanges are thin, much of what they perceive is dream-like as they have a sensitive, romantic and slightly mystical nature. They are fussy in their taste in fashion, food and all things material. Concern for their appearances is of high importance.

In conversation, if insulted, they get offended easily. I would describe someone with very pointed fingertips as starry-eyed and unrealistic of the world, which may show disinterest in society. Some could appear eccentric (the woman with twenty cats). If on a long and narrow hand, the pointed fingertips can represent some psychic ability.

The middle phalanges

The middle phalanges characterise the region of mental capacity and how much strength is in rational thought and logic (to put ideas into action).

  • The person is super-efficient and very active when all the fingers have a longer middle phalange than the others.
  • They are confident, determined, intelligent and business-minded. (See more about signs for business here.)
  • They often have excellent attention to detail, directed into academics or the arts.
  • These people enjoy studying or researching and so often have an extensive collection of books.
  • When the middle phalanges appear shorter than average, the mind or attitude may be somewhat laid-back with a lack of interest in mental pursuits.
  • They tend to be disorganised or impractical.

The third (base) phalanges

The third (base) phalanges refers to the material world, including physical energy, love, sensuality, appearances, money, and possessions; it tells of the basic needs and urges. When all base phalanges are long, there is a valuable amount of physical energy and much importance placed on looks. If all these phalanges are thick, while it indicates sensuality, it also denotes a somewhat sluggish, greedy or selfish nature, spoilt by luxuries.

Skinny bottom phalanges

When all the base phalanges are thin, it is usually noticeable gaps at the base. What these spaces mean is that possessions or money may not be necessary for these people or that the needs of others come first. Being in denial of the pleasures of life on a personal level is not uncommon for these people; it is a sign of sobriety. Zest for life, imagination, ego and emotions may also be lacking.

Big gaps between the fingers

If the thin base phalanges have vast gaps between the fingers, it may be challenging for them to make money or hang on to cash, but can be balanced with a robust thumb and extended index finger. However, these people love freedom and want to do things their way (even if it is not the right way). They can be careless about their future and take risks, especially if coupled with an extended Apollo finger and Simian line.

Short phalanges at the base of the fingers

If the base phalanges appear much shorter on all the fingers, it suggests someone very humble with a subtle style in all aspects. They do not have high ideals or need influential positions in life.


The finger of Mercury represents not only communication and business but also honesty, intelligence, and sexuality. From these base finger phalanges, we can judge whether someone prefers a quiet style or something more extravagant concerning these qualities of Mercury.

If the third phalange is the longest, it reveals the location and arrangement of their business or workplace are important. They like their office spacious and modern with the latest paraphernalia, ensuring everything is where it should be. They are usually intelligent and capable of making money. Intimacy and sexual communication are effortless for them, as they are unashamed of their physical body and show this aspect of their character. If other indicators agree, there is a high libido.

If the base phalange on the little finger is the shortest, or if it is thin, it depicts the opposite and belongs to one who is not concerned about how their business or workplace looks. They most likely prefer the home office and have an untidy or unorganised area; even their handwriting could be messy.

Short or thin base phalange of Mercury

If very short or thin, the same qualities as a short one apply. On top of that, it can suggest that they are quite reserved regarding intimacy. They may lack instinct when it comes to closeness or is simply inhibited regarding their body. They might be shy about their weight, shape or other physical aspects. Overall, their character usually is pure, sincere and almost always trustworthy.

short pinkie phalange meaning

A thick or full base phalange on the little finger shows emphasised material tastes, immodesty, and sometimes arrogance. These people want to have everything and live life to its fullest. If long and thick, the attention to detail in everything counts because of the matter of appearance. Their office or workspace usually has plush furnishings and all the gadgets and equipment they desire.

A large Mount of Venus and Moon, plus a thick base phalange of Apollo, denotes a salacious and potentially narcissistic character with an exceptionally keen sexual instinct and drive.

3rd PHALANGE -APOLLO (Ring Finger)

The base finger phalanges represent the physical world of style, looks and creativity, so the length of this area shows how many of these qualities are present. A little base phalange of the Apollo finger signifies a lack of talent and interest in style, art or fashion. They are minimalist, and the want for success is not apparent. They might also have low libido. An extended base phalange shows a performer who places importance on the material world; they pay attention to their looks and are usually quite vain.

They enjoy eating, cooking, and especially socialising if it is thick. These types of people love beautiful things, and their vanity is immense. If the phalange is so thick that it’s bulbous, it depicts a healthy libido and generally passionate nature.

A thick base phalange coupled with a full or well-developed mount of Venus and a third phalange of the pinkie depicts a seducer, the famous Casanova.

3rd PHALANGE – SATURN (Middle Finger)

Saturn is about balance, responsibility, authority, and boundaries; accordingly, the base section is about the connection to the material world of Saturn’s qualities. An extended base phalange here shows an orderly, self-disciplined and neat person. They are sensitive to appearances and prefer to dress well (uniform). However, if it is exceptionally long, it characterises greed or selfishness.

The short finger phalanges describe one with no attachment to material possessions or places. They are minimalists and unlikely to stay in one place for long, including their job. If short and fleshy, they are eccentric. If it is thin, there is a lack of concern for material things in life and for keeping up with what everyone else is doing.

A thick base phalange of Saturn shows materialism and self-indulgence, but with an outgoing and socially dignified nature.

3rd PHALANGE – JUPITER (Index finger)

The third phalange of Jupiter should be the most significant in a reading of the fingers. It expresses the personal style, sensuality and passion for all the comforts and material things in life, including food and drink. The person is well adjusted and happy when it is of an average length and thickness.


A short base phalange denotes someone easy-going, casual, shy, or unconfident. They are not generally concerned about their sense of dress. While they might love food, they are fussy about what they eat. The animalistic and sensual qualities are less than average.


A long one shows good personal taste, pride and ambition, but they can have a somewhat dominant nature. Belonging to the business person, these people love to dress up, look good and feel good. They love money and property.


If this base phalange is weak, it shows a sober disposition and disapproval of the pleasures in life. Food is merely nourishment for the body. For this reason, they usually eat only healthy food. Mental activities favour the physical or material. A desk, a chair, a bed and some books are all they need or want.


A thick and long third phalange on Jupiter denotes an active ego with a keen consciousness of the material world. They want to live comfortably and love devoting time to enhancing their beauty with an appreciation of everything sensual. It shows a person fond of food and drink, with the gratification of their appetite keen; they rarely resist their cravings.

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