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How To Tell Which Career From the Fate Line

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The fate line is a common line to check for answers regarding the career

How to tell which career is suited from just the fate line? In palmistry it is possible to look at the lines to help predict or … Read the rest

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Money and Travel Signs in Palmistry

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So often people ask me if I can see money and travel signs on their palms. There are several clues that might suggest these things. However, realistically it’s not possible to tell how much money a person can make or … Read the rest

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Lines On the Fingertips Meaning in Palmistry

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Horizontal or Vertical lines on the fingertips

Sometimes one or more horizontal lines might appear on the tip of the finger. These lines on the fingertips can suggest different things, depending on which finger the line is on. However, many … Read the rest

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Mistakes by Palm Readers That Ruin Their Reputation

mistakes by palm readers, honesty signs, romantic personality from the palms, romance from palms, palm line to show romantic

Mistakes by Palm Readers That Can Ruin Their Reputation

Palm reading is not a psychic reading; real palmistry is also not fortune telling. People have been reading palms for thousands of years, and of course many still believe it is … Read the rest