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Life Line is Broken and Markings on the Line – Palmistry

life line is broken, break in life line,

The Life line broken around the thumb.

The first line a person typically looks at on the palm is the life line. This line is also frequently the most prominent line on the palm as it arcs around the mount … Read the rest

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Short Life Line in Palmistry is Very Interesting

short line of life, short life line

Short Life Line in Meaning Palmistry

Do you have a short life line? The short life line in palmistry is very interesting indeed. The life line itself is the most talked-about line on the hand. Today I want to continue … Read the rest

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Timing on Life Line Guide Palmistry

timing on life line, life line timeline, timing events on the life line, palm reading lessons, master palmist Sari

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Timing on life line.

Measuring events through palmistry is not exactly easy to do. However, the timing on life line is … Read the rest

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Mars Line Meaning on Palm is Awesome.

mars line

Mars line meaning on the palm

The Mars line is a positive marking on the palm. It is a line which runs parallel to the life line, beginning from inside the thumb, or from the start of the lifeline … Read the rest

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Star Lines on the Palm Do You Have One?

star marks on the palm


The star lines and markings we see on the palms that don’t seem to fit into any category of a regular line are still significant in a palm reading. They can indicate a warning, such Read the rest

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Markings on Palms in Hand Analysis

markings on palm, star on palm, grille mark on palm

Markings on Palms, like slashes, stars and grilles

Many issues such as health problems, feelings, and particular talent can be recognised from marks like the grille, crosses, stars, squares, triangles and more. Not all lines have a name.

The markings we … Read the rest

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Island on Life Line Meaning in Palmistry

island on life line

The Island on the life line

My curiosity about the lines on the palm, including the island on the life line started at the age of eleven. I attended my uncles fortieth birthday party with my family. He had hired a … Read the rest

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Missing Lines on the Palm Meaning

fate line timing, money and travel signs, saturn mount, palm reading career, life purpose, missing fate line, missing lines, fate line missing, hands of a millionaire, saturn mount


Most palms have ‘the major’ lines; a heart line, a head line and the life line. (See photo below). I have chosen only these three to be classified as major lines, although some hand readers also … Read the rest